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Information and Communication Technology for Disaster Risk Management in Japan : How Digital Solutions are Leveraged to Increase Resilience through Improving Early Warnings and Disaster Information Sharing : Information and Communication Technology for Disaster Risk Management in Japan (English)

Breakthroughs in information and communication technology (ICT) increasingly offer new tools to support disaster risk management (DRM). Due to the rapid advancement of computing and communication devices, ICT’s capacity to improve the DRM framework became a critical factor to strengthen resilience. ... See More +

Working Paper 143656 NOV 14, 2019

Shibuya,Naho; Takemoto,Shoko; Keeley,Alexander Ryota; Kuek,Siou Chew; Yarina, Lizzie Disclosed

Resilient water supply and sanitation services : the case of Japan (English)

Natural disasters have increasingly damaged water supply and sanitation (WSS) facilities and infrastructure, leaving entire communities without safe and reliable drinking water and the appropriate disposal of wastewater. ... See More +

Working Paper 123342 JAN 01, 2018

Shibuya,Naho; Bradshaw,Roland Alexander Disclosed

Resilient infrastructure public-private partnerships (PPPs) : contracts and procurement – the case of Japan (English)

Resilient economic infrastructure plays an increasingly significant role in mitigating natural disaster risks, including hydrometeorological and geophysical hazards, especially in the contexts of climate variability and change. ... See More +

Working Paper 122703 DEC 01, 2017

Shibuya,Naho; Sasamori,Sanae Disclosed