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The Future of Health Financing in Vietnam : Ensuring Sufficiency, Efficiency, and Sustainability (English)

Vietnam is changing rapidly economically, with parallel shifts in epidemiology and demographics. There have also been significant policy shifts in recent years, including in the health sector. ... See More +

Working Paper 139508 JUN 01, 2019

Teo,Hui Sin; Bales,Sarah; Bredenkamp,Caryn; Cain,Jewelwayne Salcedo Disclosed

What Drives Utilization of Primary Care Facilities in Vietnam? : Evidence from a Facility Survey (English)

This analysis aims to assess the association between commune health station (CHS) service readiness and health service utilization to inform the design of a World Bank project and policies to strengthen primary health care in Vietnam. ... See More +

Working Paper 139523 JUN 01, 2019

Vu ,Lan TH; Bales,Sarah; Bredenkamp,Caryn Disclosed

Striving for equity & efficiency : an assessment of provider payment reforms in the Philippines health sector (English)

This report reviews the current provider payment arrangements and policies of the Philippines, and the extent to which they have contributed to the achievement of the HFS goals. ... See More +

Working Paper 128732 JUL 01, 2018

Bales,Sarah; Bredenkamp,Caryn; Gomez,Maria Vida A. Disclosed

Pooling health risk to protect people : an assessment of health insurance coverage in Philippines (English)

Taking the Philippines Health Financing Strategy (HFS) 2010–2020 objective of ‘sustaining membership in PhilHealth for all Filipinos’ as its point of departure, this report assesses the expansion of health insurance coverage in the Philippines and the extent to which it provides protection from out-of-pocket (OOP) health spending. ... See More +

Working Paper 121816 JAN 01, 2017

Bredenkamp,Caryn; Bales,Sarah; Gomez,Maria Vida A. Disclosed

Vietnam - Universal health coverage for inclusive and sustainable development : country summary report (English)

Vietnam is regarded as a development success story. Political and economic reforms (“Doi Moi”) launched at the end of the 1980s have transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world to a lower middle-income country in a quarter century, with per capita income of $1,130 (World Bank, 2013). ... See More +

Working Paper 91222 SEP 01, 2014

Barroy, Helene; Jarawan, Eva; Bales, Sarah Disclosed

Vietnam - Learning from smart reforms on the road to universal health coverage (English)

Universal Health Coverage is a powerful framework for a nation aiming to protect their population against health risks. However, countries face multiple challenges in implementing, achieving and sustaining UHC strategies. ... See More +

Working Paper 91327 AUG 01, 2014

Barroy, Helene; Jarawan, Eva; Bales, Sarah Disclosed

Getting incentives right : an impact evaluation of district hospital capitation payment in Vietnam (English)

With the movement toward universal health coverage gaining momentum, the global health research community has made significant efforts to advance knowledge about the impact of various schemes to expand population coverage. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6709 NOV 01, 2013

Nguyen, Ha Thi Hong; Bales, Sarah; Wagstaff, Adam; Dao, Huyen Disclosed

The impacts of public hospital autonomization : evidence from a quasi-natural experiment (English)

This paper exploits the staggered rollout of Vietnam’s hospital autonomization policy to estimate its impacts on several key health sector outcomes including hospital efficiency, use of hospital care, and out-of-pocket spending. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6137 JUL 01, 2012

Wagstaff, Adam; Bales, Sarah Disclosed

Are public sector workers underpaid? - Appropriate comparators in a developing country (English)

How is public sector compensation best aligned with the market? In industrial countries a common reference is the salary paid by private employers for similar jobs (the "jobs approach"). ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2747 DEC 31, 2001

Bales, Sarah; Rama,Martin G.