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Annual World Bank conference on development economics global 2010 : lessons from East Asia and the Global financial crisis (English)

The Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) is a forum for discussion and debate of important policy issues facing developing countries. ... See More +

Publication 61894 MAY 17, 2011

Yoon, Jeung-Hyun; Sakong, Il; Krueger, Anne O.; Johnson, Simon; Robinson, James A.; Hofman, Bert; Chang, Ha-Joon; Polenske, Karen R.; Dasgupta, Partha; Aoki, Masahiko; Tommasi, Mariano; Park, Yung Chul; Aizenman, Joshua; Lee, Jong-Wha; Claessens, Stijn; Cho, Yoon Je; Zanalda, Giovanni; Zettelmeyer, Jeromin; Lane, Philip R.; Chung, Sungchul; Dethier, Jean-Jacques; Gelb, Alan; Fardoust, Shahrokh; Lee, Young Geol; Lin, Justin Yifu [editor]; Pleskovic, Boris [editor] Disclosed

Corporate governance in transitional economies : insider control and the role of banks (English)

When socialist planned economies were first being transformed into market economies, a naive optimism ruled. The transition could be achieved, it was thought, by simply privatizing state-owned enterprises and by introducing the equity market as a means of corporate control. ... See More +

Working Paper 14112 FEB 28, 1995

Masahiko Aoki; Hyung-Ki Kim [editors]

Controlling insider control : issues of corporate governance in transition economies (English)

This report identifies and discusses some fundamental issues of corporate governance in the transition economy. The first part presents an overview of the generic tendency toward insider control in transitional economies. ... See More +

Working Paper 17968 JAN 01, 1994

Aoki,Masahiko Disclosed