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Motivating bureaucrats through social recognition : evidence from simultaneous field experiments (English)

Bureaucratic performance is a crucial determinant of economic growth. Little is known about how to improve it in resource-constrained settings. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8473 JUN 13, 2018

Gauri,Varun; Jamison,Julian C; Mazar,Nina; Ozier,Owen; Raha,Shomikho; Saleh,Karima Disclosed

Applying behavioral insights to improve tax collection : experimental evidence from Poland (English)

Mobilizing domestic revenues efficiently is a priority for the Government of Poland, but it is not easy. There are numerous instruments that can be used to achieve this objective. ... See More +

Working Paper 116046 JUN 01, 2017

Hernandez Hernandez,Marco Antonio; Jamison,Julian C; Korczyc,Ewa Joanna; Mazar,Nina; Sormani,Roberto Claudio Disclosed

Overcoming behavioral obstacles to escaping poverty (English)

International development policy is ripe for an overhaul.Behavioral science can help policy makers to spur changes in behaviors that are difficult to explain from a conventional economic perspective and impede economic development. ... See More +

Working Paper 120155 JAN 01, 2017

Bryan,Christopher J.; Mazar,Nina; Jamison,Julian C; Braithwaite,Jeanine; Dechausay,Nadine; Fishbane,Alissa; Fox,Elizabeth; Gauri,Varun; Glennerster,Rachel; Haushofer,Johannes; Karlan,Dean S.; Vakis,Renos Disclosed