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Have the economic policy packages reduced import costs in Indonesia? A quantitative assessment of two sets of measures (English)

The purpose of this note is to evaluate the outcome of two sets of actions, included in the first of Indonesia’s economic policy packages issued in September 2015 and supported by the Logistics DPL I, aiming to reduce the costs of importing: 1) “The Minister of Trade has eliminated Registered Importer and Producer Importer licenses for eight (8) categories of products, which accounted for 10.6 percent of non-oil imports in 2015, as evidenced through various Minister of Trade Regulations.” ... See More +

Working Paper 131453 JAN 01, 2018

Cali,Massimiliano; Hasmand D,Agnesia Adhissa; Bennis,Lamiaa; Puzzello,Laura; Ash Shidqi,Muhammad Hazmi Disclosed

The Price Effect of the June 2012 Horticultural Import Restrictions : A Preliminary Assessment (English)

We examine the impact of the ban on the use of Jakarta port for the import of horticultural products into Java on horticultural prices. Since June 2012 those products cannot any longer enter Java through Jakarta port (Tanjuk Priok), which used to handle between 80-90 percent of Indonesian horticultural imports, and have to go through Surabaya port (Tanjuk Perak). ... See More +

Working Paper 131389 FEB 01, 2016

Cali,Massimiliano; Hasmand D,Agnesia Adhissa Disclosed