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Philippines - A context-aware groundwater permitting system : proof of concept (English)

The work described in this report lays a foundation and points the way forward for a rethinking of how water management expertise can be facilitated and supported within developing and emerging contexts. ... See More +

Working Paper AUS12087 MAR 01, 2016

De Leon,Veronica Gordo Disclosed

Bringing water to where it is needed most : innovative private sector participation in water and sanitation (English)

This IFC SmartBook is a compilation of twelve IFC SmartLessons that focuses on the topic of water and sanitation. The variety of lessons and experiences in this report is inspiring, ranging from the Water Footprints Network that supports businesses improving their water use efficiency to the innovative financing mechanisms enabling the expansion of rural water access in Kenya. ... See More +

Working Paper 63791 JUL 01, 2011

Advani,Rajesh K.; Baskovich, Malva Rosa; Birner,Sabrina; Boyer,Aurelien Antoine Claude; Davies, Will; Draz,Malak; Elvas,Leila H.; Ferozie,Muneer A.; Gadzekpo,Frances Setorme; Jain,Nitin; Kleemeier,Elizabeth L.; Kumar, Vikram; Laidlaw,Alice; Mccann,Francesca; Mohrmann,J. Bastiaan; Mullen,Patrick M.; Mwanafunzi,Bruno; Prevost,Christophe; Saporiti,Nicola Ruggero; Setiawan,Deviariandy; Tinel,David; Toledo, Muguel; Van Zadelhoff,Remke S. Disclosed

Helping small water utilities become bankable (English)

Small water utilities with fewer than 5,000 connections comprise over 90 percent of the known network systems in urban areas in the Philippines. ... See More +

Brief 60175 NOV 01, 2010

Elvas, Leila H. Disclosed

Guide to ring-fencing of local government-run water utilities (English)

This guide is presented in seven sections. Section one discusses ring-fencing within the context of Local Government Unit (LGU)-run water utilities. ... See More +

Working Paper 56932 JAN 01, 2010

Cortez, Maribelita; Orda, Evelyn; Elvas, Leila; Mendoza, Anna Maria; Maris Salas, Stella Disclosed

Philippines - Sanitation sourcebook and decision aid (English)

This sourcebook presents basic concepts on sanitation to help project planners, enterprise managers, local executives, and other members of the community assess their situation and make a judgment on appropriate sanitation interventions. ... See More +

Working Paper 46600 JAN 01, 2008

Elvas,Leila H.; Sy, Jema Disclosed