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Understanding and measuring social capital - a multidisciplinary tool for practitioners (English)

The importance of social capital for sustainable development, is by now well recognized. Anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, and economists have in their own ways, demonstrated the critical role of institutions, networks, and their supporting norms and values, for the success of development interventions. ... See More +

Publication 24465 JUN 30, 2002

Grootaert, Christiaan; Van Bastelar, Thierry [editors]; Kahkonen, Satu; Krishna, Anirudh; Pantoja, Enrique; Reid, Catherine; Salmen,Lawrence F.; Shrader, Elizabeth

Methodologies to measure the gender dimensions of crime and violence (English)

Recent studies have used homicide rates, police statistics, and crime victimization surveys to pinpoint violent areas. The author argues that these useful measures of crime, and violence underestimate certain types of violence (especially non-economic violence) and key dimensions of violence (especially age, and gender). ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2648 JUL 31, 2001

Shrader, Elizabeth

Essentials 3(1) (English)

ESSD Managers retreat. Prototype Carbon Fund launch. Changes in ESSD management. Kristalina on her new role - Director of the Environment Department. ... See More +

Newsletter 23125 FEB 29, 2000

Belle, Arati; Brown, Lynn; Castro, Gonzalo; Johnson, Todd; Kuroda, Kazuhide; O'Connell, Paul; Pagiola, Stefano; Cunanan, Catalina Ramos; Senderowitsch, Roby; Shrader, Elizabeth; Thieler, Susan; Payton, Odil Tunali; Vidaeus, Lars; Weetjens, Jan

Food for thought : proceedings from a Brown Bag Lunch series : Materia de reflexion - memorias de seminarios (Spanish)

The Brown-Bag Seminar Series, initiated in April 1999, presents a forum for ongoing theoretical debates and operational innovations regarding civil society participation and its potential contribution to sustainable development and poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean region. ... See More +

Working Paper 20909 OCT 01, 1999

Bain, Katherine; Shrader, Elizabeth; Galeano, Nora; Azcueta, Miguel; Garrison, John; Cesilini, Sandra; Arboleda, Jairo; Grossman, Claudio; Bernbaum, Marcia; Kleymeyer, Charles D.; Salcedo, Daniel; Piester, Kerianne [editor] English

A conceptual framework for violence reduction (English)

Worldwide, violence is emerging as a significant economic, social welfare, health, and governance issue. The conceptual framework presented in this paper identifies a number of important components of effective violence reduction. 1) While the categorization of violence varies widely, the concept of political, economic, and social violence as a continuum goes some way towards combining the somewhat fragmented distinctions identified elsewhere in the literature. 2) Factors causing violence can be analyzed at a number of different levels: individual, interpersonal, institutional, and structural. 3) It is useful to analyze how violence can erode physical, human, social, and natural capital and their associated assets. 4) The description of different interventions to reduce violence shows how interventions can be approached not only from the perspective of different disciplines but also from perspectives that focus on violence control, prevention, or reduction through rebuilding social capital. 5) In terms of potential concrete interventions, the proposal for violence reduction in Colombia illustrates the importance of designing simultaneous violence reduction measures at national, sectoral, and local levels. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 19815 AUG 31, 1999

Moser, Caroline; Shrader, Elizabeth