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Optimal size for utilities? (English)

Using data from 270 water and sanitation providers, this Note investigates the relationship between a utility's size and its operating costs. The current trend toward transferring responsibility for providing services to the municipal level is driven in part by the assumption that this will make providers more responsive to customers' needs. ... See More +

Viewpoint 31562 JAN 01, 2005

Tynan, Nicola; Kingdom, Bill

Are the trends in low-income countries different? (English)

This note, based on the World Bank's Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) project database, reviews trends in infrastructure projects with private participation in low-income countries. ... See More +

Viewpoint 21476 OCT 31, 2000

Houskamp,Melissa Lee; Tynan,Nicola Caroline Disclosed

Public policy for the private sector (English)

Protecting minority shareholders in closely held firms, by Chad Leechor. Reviving the market for corporate control, by Chad Leechor. Innovations in bankruptcy - prioritizing creditors using option markets, by Chad Leechor. ... See More +

Newsletter 19691 SEP 30, 1999

Leechor, Chad; Claessens, Stijn; Djankov, Simeon; Larry H.P. Lang; Rowat, Malcolm; Brook Cowen, Penelope; Tynan, Nicola; Smith, Peter L.; Wellenius, Bjorn; Rossotto, Carlo Maria; Kerf, Michel; Rohlfs, Jeffrey; Sommer, Dirk; Abdala,Manuel Angel; Chambouleyron, Andres Disclosed

Public policy for the private sector (English)

A scorecard for energy reform in developing countries. Private participation in the transmission and distribution of natural gas - recent trends. ... See More +

Newsletter 19690 JUN 30, 1999

Bacon, Robert; Izaguirre, Ada Katrina; Lehmann, Peter; Rasmussen, Karen; Green, Richard; Gomez-Lobo, Andres; Foster, Vivien; Komives, Kristin; Brook Cowen, PenelopeJ.; Saghir, Jamal; Sherwood, Elisabeth; Macoun, Andrew; Tynan, Nicola; Rebelo, Jorge M. Disclosed

Private participation in the rail sector : recent trends (English)

This note focuses on rail projects with private participation, that reached financial closure in 1990-1997, surveying regional trends, types of private participation, and project size. ... See More +

Viewpoint 19566 JUN 30, 1999

Tynan,Nicola Caroline Disclosed

Reaching the urban poor with private infrastructure (English)

Nontraditional infrastructure service providers supply many low-income consumers in slums and urban peripheries in developing countries. And technological change has eased entry by new providers. ... See More +

Viewpoint 19750 JUN 30, 1999

Brook Cowen, Penelope; Tynan, Nicola

Public policy for the private sector (English)

The East Asian financial crisis - fallout for private power projects, by R. David Gray and John Schuster. Contingent liabilities for infrastructure projects - implementing a risk management framework for governments, by Christopher Lewis and Ashoka Mody. ... See More +

Newsletter 21277 SEP 30, 1998

Gray, R. David; Schuster, John; Lewis, Christopher; Mody, Ashoka; Haarmeyer, David; Law, Peter; De Franco, Nelson; O'Leary, Donal; Charpentier, Jean-Pierre; Minogue,Diane; Shirley, Mary; Silva, Gisele; Tynan, Nicola; Yilmaz, Yesim Disclosed

Private participation in the water and sewerage sector - recent trends (English)

The PPI (Private Participation in Infrastructure) Project Database covers private participation in infrastructure in developing countries. The database records details of all projects owned or managed by private companies in 1984-97 in the water, energy, transport, and telecommunications sectors. ... See More +

Viewpoint 18438 AUG 31, 1998

Silva, Gisele; Tynan, Nicola; Yilmaz, Yesim