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Development Digest : Approaching New Frontiers (English)

The World Bank Group Global Knowledge and Research Hub in Malaysia is experiencing a year of transitions: firstly, moving into our next phase of operations, beginning July 1, 2020; and second, undergoing an internal transition in the institutional leadership of the World Bank Group (WBG). ... See More +

Working Paper 142982 OCT 01, 2019

Schmillen,Achim Daniel; Abdul Aziz,Ahmad Hafiz Bin; Brown,Deryck R.; Hussain,Farah Imrana; Raad,Firas; Moroz,Harry Edmund; Govindasamy,Jeevakumar; Simler,Kenneth; Warwick,Mara K.; Tan,Mei Ling; Lee,Min Hui; Bajpai,Rajni; Reddy,Rekha; Record,Richard James Lowden; Faiez,Shahridan; Devadas,Sharmila; Raja,Siddhartha; Pennings,Steven Michael; Rao,Vijayendra; Zhang,Wei - EEAF1 Disclosed

Breaking Barriers : Toward Better Economic Opportunities for Women in Malaysia (English)

The promotion of economic opportunities for women is one of the most promising avenues for Malaysia's future development. Closing gaps between men's and women's economic opportunities could boost Malaysia's income per capita by 26.2 percent. ... See More +

Working Paper 142011 SEP 01, 2019

Schmillen,Achim Daniel; Tan,Mei Ling; Abdur Rahman,Amanina Binti; Lnu,Shahrul Natasha Binti Halid; Weimann Sandig,Nina Disclosed

Maximizing knowledge for development (English)

The World Bank Group (WBG) is strengthening its partnerships with upper-middle-income countries and high-income countries to leverage private and public finance, and to create knowledge and new solutions based on the experiences of graduates for the benefit of clients. ... See More +

125247 APR 01, 2018

Alawode,Abayomi A.; Ouazad,Amine; Arshad,Ashraf Bin; Ruggeri Laderchi,Caterina; Sitorus,Djauhari; Georgieva,Dorina Peteva; Mendez Ramos,Fabian; Govindasamy,Jeevakumar; De Luna-Martínez,José; Kelm,Kathrine M.; Sondergaard,Lars M.; Tan,Mei Ling; Amin,Mohammad; Loayza,Norman V.; Canuto,Otaviano; Record,Richard James Lowden; Ranciere,Romain; Wahba,Sameh; Schmukler,Sergio L.; Bell,Simon; Shetty,Sudhir; Kwakwa,Victoria Disclosed