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Sustainable Land Management and Restoration in the Middle East and North Africa Region : Issues, Challenges, and Recommendations (English)

Land management in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is facing important challenges with degradation and needs to learn from others in order to make progress at scale. ... See More +

Report 144391 NOV 30, 2019

Meisner,Craig M.; Ebrahim,Menaal Fatima Disclosed

Using Micro-Data to Inform Durable Solutions for IDPs (Vol. 2) : Volume B : Country Case Studies (English)

Understanding forced displacement and developing effective solutions requires closing several critical gaps in the data. With forced displacement rising worldwide, the body of work on displacement is growing rapidly. ... See More +

Working Paper 136740 APR 18, 2019

Petrini,Benjamin; Phipps-Ebeler,Verena; Woodhouse,Andrea Fitri; Appler,Felix Konstantin; Sharma,Ambika; Udo-Udo,Jacob; Ebrahim,Menaal Fatima; Iqbal,Syedah Aroob; Nezam,Taies; Pape,Utz Johann; Meckelburg,Alexander Benjamin Disclosed

Reducing poverty through improved agro-logistics in a fragile country : findings from a trader survey in South Sudan (English)

South Sudan is a fragile country.South Sudan is one of the most food insecure countries in the world.Conflict and long standing economic and social changes are disrupting agricultural production, markets, and community livelihoods, which are consequently increasing food insecurity and poverty rates in South Sudan.Though the current macro-economic crisis threatens to worsen food security even further, it also presents an opportunity to tap into South Sudan’s vast agricultural potential.Conflict sensitive efforts to improve agro-logistics in South Sudan are key to increasing the availability of agricultural commodities in markets, which could contribute to better food security.The evidence base on approaches to conflict sensitivity in weak and fragile state situations like South Sudan highlights how agricultural commodity markets are complex sites of authority and control. ... See More +

120347 AUG 01, 2017

Pape,Utz Johann; Benson,Matthew Sterling; Ebrahim,Menaal Fatima; Lole,Jane Yaya Disclosed