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Malaysia Economic Monitor : Re-Energizing the Public Service (English)

Growth moderated in Q1 2019, owing to weaker investment growth and inventory drawdowns.Domestically, an easing of export growth, together with a decline in investment, has resulted in Malaysia's economic growth becoming more dependent on consumption. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 138390 JUN 01, 2019

Record,Richard James Lowden; Chong,Yew Keat; Teh Sharifuddin,Shakira Binti; Bajpai,Rajni; Govindasamy,Jeevakumar Disclosed

Malaysia Economic Monitor : Realizing Human Potential (English)

Growing risks weigh on the economic outlook. On the external front, a slowing global economy, rising concerns regarding the impact of US-China trade tensions and increased volatility in financial and commodity markets all weigh on the prospects for Malaysia’s economy. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 132903 DEC 13, 2018

Record,Richard James Lowden; Chong,Yew Keat; Teh Sharifuddin,Shakira Binti; Aturupane,Harsha; Teo,Hui Sin; Schmillen,Achim Daniel; Moroz,Harry Edmund Disclosed

Looking Beyond Averages (English)

The fifth edition of the Development Digest begins with an article on why it’s important to look beyond averages when it comes to the country’s development, followed by a look at the region’s success in the face of global uncertainty. ... See More +

Working Paper 132530 OCT 01, 2018

Schmillen,Achim Daniel; Kamarulzaman,Adeeba; Aviles,Ana Maria; Suleiman,Anita; Myers,C. Bernard; Larson,Bradley Robert; Sitorus,Djauhari; Simler,Kenneth; Chuah,Lay Lian; Warwick,Mara K.; Lee,Min Hui; Loayza,Norman V.; Tatucu,Radu; Record,Richard James Lowden; Llovet Montanes,Ruth; Wahba Tadros,Sameh Naguib; Schmukler,Sergio L.; Teh Sharifuddin,Shakira Binti; Raja,Siddhartha; Osornprasop,Sutayut; Trujillo Tejada,Veronica Paola; Kwakwa,Victoria; Loh,Wei San; Chong,Yew Keat Disclosed

Malaysia's Digital Economy : A New Driver of Development (English)

Malaysia’s remarkable transition from low-income to upper middle-income status has occurred in parallel to the microelectronics revolution. Most of Malaysia’s citizens are connected to the internet, and there is more than one mobile cellular subscription for each individual. ... See More +

Working Paper 129777 SEP 01, 2018

Record,Richard James Lowden; Larson,Bradley Robert; Teh Sharifuddin,Shakira Binti; Chong,Yew Keat Disclosed

Malaysia economic monitor : navigating change (English)

The historic outcome of Malaysia's recent elections provides an unprecedented opportunity for change. The country's 14th General Elections which took place on May 9, 2018, in the context of widespread citizen concern regarding the degree to which the proceeds of economic growth have been shared across the Malaysian society and a call for increased government accountability, have resulted in the nation's first change in government since its independence in 1957. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 127679 JUN 01, 2018

Record,Richard James Lowden; Chong,Yew Keat; Teh Sharifuddin,Shakira Binti Disclosed

Malaysia economic monitor : turmoil to transformation (English)

In this edition of the Malaysia Economic Monitor, the focus of the special topic is macro-financial policy. This year marks 20 years since the onset of the Asian financial crisis (AFC), which caused a major shock to Malaysia's economy. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 122007 DEC 01, 2017

Record,Richard James Lowden; Ping,Alan Lau Sie; Zaourak,Gabriel Roberto; Chong,Yew Keat; Zhang,Wei - GFM08 Disclosed