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Indonesia's small and medium-size exporters and their support systems (English)

The authors survey a sample of 91 small or medium-size exporters of garments, rattan furniture, the two are reasonably equally mixed. About 75 percent of the entrepreneures in garments and rattan furniture, and carved wooden furniture (Jepara), and interview people in public and nonprofit agencies active about issues affecting small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1402 DEC 31, 1994

Berry, Albert; Levy, Brian

Technical and marketing support systems for successful small and medium-size enterprises in four countries (English)

Studies of successful and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and their marketing and technical support systems were undertaken for Colombia, Indonesia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1400 DEC 31, 1994

Levy, Brian; Berry, Albert; Motoshige Itoh; Linsu Kim; Nugent, Jeffrey; Shujiro Urata

Success in small and medium scale enterprises : the evidence from Colombia (English)

Contrary to expectations, small and medium-scale manufacturing enterprises in Colombia grew very fast during the 1970s, - considerably faster than large industry. ... See More +

Publication 13365 MAY 31, 1987

Cortes, Mariluz; Berry, Albert; Ishaq, Ashfaq