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The surprising effects of the great recession : losers and winners in Thailand in 2008-2009 (English)

In 2009, buffeted by the great recession, Thai gross domestic product fell by 2.3 percent. Using monthly data from the socio-economic surveys of 2007-2010, this paper finds, after controlling for household variables, that real consumption per capita rose in 2009 relative to 2008 for most groups, including the poor, urban and rural households, men, women, and children. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6255 NOV 01, 2012

Haughton, Jonathan; Khandker, Shahidur R. Disclosed

Household coping and response to government stimulus in an economic crisis : evidence from Thailand (English)

The crash of global financial markets in 2008 caused a ripple effect on economic demand and growth worldwide. Export-oriented economies were hit particularly hard, and many governments stepped in quickly with broad-ranging stimulus programs to lessen the effects on households of rising unemployment and falling income. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6016 MAR 01, 2012

Khandker, Shahidur R.; Koolwal, Gayatri B.; Haughton, Jonathan; Jitsuchon, Somchai Disclosed

Appraising the Thailand village fund (English)

The Thailand Village Fund is the second-largest microcredit scheme in the world. Nearly 80,000 elected local Village Fund committees administer loans that reach 30 percent of all households. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5998 MAR 01, 2012

Boonperm, Jirawan; Haughton, Jonathan; Khandker, Shahidur R.; Rukumnuaykit, Pungpond Disclosed

Evaluating the impact of Egyptian social fund for development programs (English)

The Egyptian Social Fund for Development was established in 1991 with a mandate to reduce poverty. Since its inception, it has disbursed about $2.5 billion, of which nearly two-fifths was devoted to supporting microcredit and financing community development and infrastructure. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4993 JUL 01, 2009

Abou-Ali, Hala; El-Azony, Hesham; El-Laithy, Heba; Haughton, Jonathan; Khandker, Shahidur R. Disclosed

Does the village fund matter in Thailand ? (English)

This paper evaluates the impact of the Thailand Village and Urban Revolving Fund on household expenditure, income, and assets. The revolving fund was launched in 2001 when the Government of Thailand promised to provide a million baht (about $22,500) to every village and urban community in Thailand as working capital for locally-run rotating credit associations. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5011 JUL 01, 2009

Boonperm, Jirawan; Haughton, Jonathan; Khandker, Shahidur R. Disclosed

Handbook on poverty and inequality (English)

The handbook on poverty and inequality provides tools to measure, describe, monitor, evaluate, and analyze poverty. It provides background materials for designing poverty reduction strategies. ... See More +

Publication 48338 MAR 27, 2009

Haughton, Jonathan; Khandker, Shahidur R. Disclosed

Economic growth, poverty, and household welfare in Vietnam (English)

Viet Nam is an economic success story - it transformed itself from a country in the 1980s as one of the poorest in the world, to a country in the 1990s with one of the world's highest growth rates. ... See More +

Publication 29086 JAN 01, 2004

Glewwe, Paul [editor]; Agrawal, Nisha [editor]; Dollar, David [editor]; Gallup, John Luke; Vijverberg, Wim P.M.; Haughton, Jonathan; Benjamin, Dwayne; Brandt, Loren; van de Walle, Dominique; Minot, Nicholas; Baulch, Bob; Truong Thi Kim Chuyen; Haughton, Dominique; Wagstaff, Adam; Nga Nguyet Nguyen; Koch, Stefanie; Bui Linh Nguyen; Trivedi, Pravin K.; Edmonds, Eric; Tirk, Carrie; Phong Nguyen; Cox, Donald Disclosed

Ethnic minority development in Vietnam : a socioeconomic perspective (English)

The authors examine the latest quantitative evidence on disparities in living standards between and among different ethnic groups in Vietnam. Using data from the 1998 Vietnam Living Standards Survey and 1999 Census, they show that Kinh and Hoa ("majority") households have substantially higher living standards than "minority" households from Vietnam's other 52 ethnic groups. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2836 MAY 31, 2002

Baulch, Bob; Truong Thi Kim Chuyen; Haughton, Dominique; Haughton, Jonathan

Household enterprises in Vietnam : survival, growth, and living standards (English)

In Vietnam almost a quarter of adults worked in nonfarm household enterprises in 1998. Based on household panel data from the Vietnam Living Standards Surveys of 1993 and 1998, the authors find some evidence that operating an enterprise leads to greater affluence. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2773 FEB 28, 2002

Vijverberg, Wim P. M.; Haughton, Jonathan