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Private equity and emerging markets agribusiness : building value through sustainability (English)

Global trends such as burgeoning demographics, expansion of the consumer class, urbanization, and increasing energy and raw material needs have fueled unprecedented demand for agricultural products. ... See More +

Working Paper 99397 MAY 01, 2015

Aulisi, Andrew; Casey, Michael; Curmally,Atiyah; Eckstein,Mark; Levin, Joshua; Mazurkiewicz,Piotr A.; Mousseau,Louis Philippe; Satyamurthy, Nadiya Disclosed

Sustainable business assistance program : report to donors (English)

In July 2002, IFC created three new donor-funded facilities around the theme of environmentally and socially sustainable business. The three facilities are the Corporate Citizenship Facility, the Sustainable Financial Markets Facility, and the Environmental Opportunities Facility. ... See More +

Working Paper 31865 NOV 01, 2003

Oyewole, Bayo; Magradze, Natalie; Ahmid, Merunisha; Akpofure, Imoni; Boorstin, Louis; Chavez, Zenaida; Collins, Tim; Eckstein, Mark; Gallegos, Maria; Garcia, Isabel; Holleran, Brigid; Leite, Alexandre; Liebert, Jeffrey; Manuel, Vanessa; Masin, Clive; Murray, Gavin; Ruck, Sarah; Siddy, Dan Disclosed

Partnerships for sustainable development (English)

About the staff exchange program. What's new at SEP. Moving in, moving on. Share pays dividends. The new bottom line : socially responsible business, by Zoe Hensby. ... See More +

Newsletter 37255 SEP 01, 2002

Hensby, Zoe; Eckstein, Mark; Fuji, Yohsaku; Wolf-Mathies, Monika; Kawakami, Takao; Adams, Juliette; Klinnert, Christopher; O'brien, Tom; Kante, Cheick; Cragg, Chris; Eve, Lori Disclosed