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Toward universal coverage in health : the case of the state guaranteed benefit package of the Kyrgyz Republic (English)

In this case study the paper describes the evolution of the Kyrgyz health care system and discusses challenges in ensuring universal access to basic health care services. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 75006 JAN 01, 2013

Giuffrida, Antonio; Jakab, Melitta; Dale, Elina M. Disclosed

The introduction of market forces in the public hospital sector: from new public sector management to organizational reform (English)

This Discussion Paper was prepared as a background document for the Hospital Reform Module of the Joint Harvard/World Bank Institute Flagship Course on Health Sector Reform and Sustainable Financing. ... See More +

Working Paper 28883 JUN 01, 2002

Jakab, Melitta; Preker, Alexander; Harding, April; Hawkins, Loraine

Effectiveness of community health financing in meeting the cost of illness (English)

How to finance and provide health care for the more than 1.3 billion rural poor and informal sector workers in low- and middle-income countries is one of the greatest challenges facing the international development community. ... See More +

Working Paper 28894 FEB 01, 2002

Preker, Alexander S.; Carrin, Guy; Dror, David; Melitta Jakab,; Hsiao, William; Arhin-Tenkorang, Dyna

Role of communities in resource mobilization and risk sharing : a synthesis report (English)

Most community finance schemes have evolved in the context of severe economic constraints, political instability, and lack of good governance. Usually government taxation capacity is weak, formal mechanisms of social protection for vulnerable populations absent, and government oversight of the informal health sector lacking. ... See More +

Working Paper 28893 SEP 01, 2001

Preker, Alexander S.; Carrrin, Guy; Dror, David M.; Jakab, Melitta; Hsiao, William; Arhin, Dyna

Social inclusion and financial protection through community financing: initial results from five household surveys (English)

This paper provides empirical evidence regarding the performance of community-based health care financing in terms of (a) social inclusion and (b) financial protection. ... See More +

Working Paper 28884 SEP 01, 2001

Jakab, Melitta; Preker, Alexander S.; Krishnan, Chitra; Schneider, Pia; Diop, Francois; Jutting, Johannes; Gumber, Anil; Ranson, Kent; Supakankunt, Siripeni

Community involvement in health care financing: a survey of the literature on the impact, strengths and weaknesses (English)

The paper reviews 45 published and unpublished reports on community financing completed between 1990 and 2001. The main objective of the study was to explore performance measures reported in the literature regarding community financing. ... See More +

Working Paper 28885 SEP 01, 2001

Jakab, Melitta; Krishnan, Chitra