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Gender, agriculture, and climate change (English)

Climate change affects rural women's and men's ability to secure their livelihoods. At the same time, it poses new challenges for the agricultural sector in reducing poverty and food insecurity and in transforming itself into a strong engine for sustainable economic growth. ... See More +

Brief 84675 FEB 01, 2014

Ahmad, Nilufar; El-Fatal, Lamia; Pehu, Eija; Poutiainen, Pirkko; Vyzaki, Marialena Disclosed

Gender and climate change in Bangladesh the role of institutions in reducing gender gaps in adaptation program (English)

This study on Bangladesh was undertaken to analyze the gender dimensions of climate change and the role of institutions in reducing gender gaps. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 67820 MAR 01, 2012

Ahmad, Nilufar Disclosed

Linking gender, environment, and poverty for sustainable development : a synthesis report on Ethiopia and Ghana (English)

Understanding the links between gender inequality, poverty and environmental degradation, and taking responsive actions, can accelerate positive dynamics and promote sustainable development outcomes. ... See More +

Brief 66554 JAN 01, 2012

Ahmad, Nilufar Disclosed

Making infrastructure work for women and man : a review of World Bank infrastructure projects (1995-2009) (English)

This report provides a gender review of a decade and a half of World Bank infrastructure lending for 1,246 projects. The objective of this review is to assess the status of and trends in gender integration in the World Bank infrastructure portfolio, and to establish a baseline for monitoring and enhancing gender integration in line with commitments made for the 2006 gender action plan. ... See More +

Working Paper 59079 DEC 01, 2010

Ahmad, Nilufar Disclosed

End of MFA quotas : Key issues and strategic options for Bangladesh readymade garment industry (English)

It was the Multi Fiber Arrangement (MFA) in global textile and clothing trade that opened the doors for Bangladesh creating a golden opportunity for exploiting its comparative advantage in the labor-intensive garment industry. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 35551 DEC 01, 2005

Ahmad,Nilufar; Ahmed, Nasiruddin; Ahsan,F. M. Ziaul; Alexander, Rajani; Baysan,Tercan; Devarajan,Shantayanan; Kee,Hiau Looi; Islam,Shafiqul; Mahmood, Syed; Malone, Vlad; Martin, Will; Matsaert, Frank; Razi, Zillul Hye; Sattar,Zaidi; Taslim,Mohammad Ali Disclosed

Empowering the vulnerable through participation: Bangladesh health and population program project (English)

Poverty-related infectious diseases constitute the main causes of death. Gender differentials in health persist, as indicated by high maternal mortality. ... See More +

Brief 37106 JUL 01, 2001

Ahmad, Nilufar Disclosed

Essentials (April 2001) (English)

The ESSD Advisory Service handles 300 quries a month. Safeguard policies Help Desk and CDD Help Desk launched in the ESSD Advisory Service. Upcoming World Bank Environment Week. ... See More +

Newsletter 23130 APR 30, 2001

Erickson, Katja; Makki, Leili; Gordon, Anita; Ziegler, Tor; Tunali-Payton, Odil; Reinhard, Christina; Bigio, Anthony; Wettstein, Jason; O'Connell, Paul; Thindwa, Jeff; Lintner, Stephen; Gill,Maninder; Kishor, Natin; Bianchi, Adriana; Chaogang, Wang; Acharya, Gayatri; Ahmad, Nilufar; Brandon, Carter; Pena, Edith A.; Klopfer, Alexandra; Rao, Vijayendra; Alderman, Harold; Cruz, Maria Teresa; Akibo-Betts, Sarian; Arkusinksi, Galina; Belle, Al; Bradford,Bonnie; Newcomb, Ken; Paiement, Jason Jacques; Pena, Edith; Tsukahara, Nancy

Essentials (January 2001) (English)

ESSD: Community driven development anchor now firmly established. Environment: latest public opinion on the environment now available. The environment strategy consultations in San Francisco. ... See More +

Newsletter 23129 JAN 31, 2001

Ahmad, Nilufar; Barghouti, Shawki; Brandriss, Peter; Brown, Lynn; Canby, Kerstin; Cantrell, Jim; Foley, Mary-Ellen; Garrison, John; Geer, Shirley; Goodland, Robert; Gordon, Anita; Guadagni, Maurizio; Klopfer, Eilee Alexandra; Kuroda, Kazuhide; Muthuram, Vidhya; Newcombe, Ken; Owen, Daniel; Pagiola, Stefano; Pitman, Jas; Reuben, William; Theiler, Susan Scurlock; Thindwa, Jeff; Thompson, Robert L.; Wettstein, Jason; Youssef, Deborah

Essentials 3(3) (English)

ESSD news: ESSD European Forum a success. Sector news - Environment: Environment strategy consultations kick into action. Global public opinion and the environment. ... See More +

Newsletter 23127 JUN 30, 2000

Ahmad, Nilufar; Alkire, Sabine; Bebbington, Tony; Bradford, Bonnie; Brown, Gillian; Canby, Kerstin; Clark, Fiona; Davanger, Frode; Del Castillo, Concepcion; Fernandes, Monica; Giovannucci, Daniele; Goodland,Robert; Hanrahan, David; Huber, Richard; Klopfer, Alexandra; Lovei, Magda; Rex, William; Riethmacher, Guenter; Senderowitsch, Roby; Sera, Yumi; Slok, Julie; Stover, Christine; Tarifa, Ricardo; Tikare, Seema; Thompson, Bob; Vidaeus, Lars; Walton, Michael