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Performance of water utilities in Africa (English)

Africa’s urban population is growing rapidly. Between 2000 and 2015, the urban population increased by more than 80 percent from 206 million to 373 million people. ... See More +

Working Paper 113075 JAN 01, 2017

Van Den Berg,Caroline; Danilenko,Alexander V. Disclosed

Improving the performance of electricity and water and sanitation utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

This paper is a synthesis of the findings of reports that look at the drivers of performance in energy and water utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. ... See More +

Working Paper 108744 OCT 01, 2016

Van Den Berg,Caroline; Antmann,Pedro; Heymans,Christiaan; Danilenko,Alexander V.; Andres,Luis Alberto; Shukla,Sameer; Goksu,Amanda McMahon; Kingdom,William D.; Damania,Richard; Bakalian,Alexander E.; Kamkwalala,Jonathan S.; Bahuguna,Aroha; Wit,Joeri Frederik de; Cubas,Diana Disclosed

State water agencies in Nigeria : a performance assessment (English)

This document provides the government of Nigeria with a structured and coherent quantitative snapshot of the state of national urban water sector. ... See More +

Publication 99457 SEP 08, 2015

Macheve,Berta Adelaide Da Silva; Danilenko,Alexander V.; Abdullah,Roohi; Bove,Abel Paul Basile; Moffitt,Larry Joe Disclosed

The IBNET water supply and sanitation performance blue book (English)

The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities (IBNET) blue book creates a baseline and, at the same time, offers a global vision of the state of the sector in developing countries. ... See More +

Publication 58849 DEC 23, 2010

Berg, Caroline van den; Danilenko, Alexander Disclosed

Climate change and urban water utilities : challenges and opportunities (English)

The impact of climate change is increasingly important for the design, construction, and maintenance of water sector infrastructure. Average global temperatures are on the rise, causing cycles of extreme weather: droughts and flooding are becoming common; seawater levels are rising; and many locations are considerably drier, impacting water sources such as lakes and rivers. ... See More +

Brief 55828 JUN 01, 2010

Danilenko, Alexander; Dickson, Eric; Jacobsen, Michael; Disclosed

Water operators from emerging markets : new players for public-private partnerships (English)

In the 1990s a few multinationals dominated the market for public-private partnership (PPP) contracts in water. Yet in recent year's water operators from developing countries have won most of the new PPP contracts for the management of water utilities in countries as diverse as Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Malaysia, and the Russian Federation. ... See More +

Brief 56736 JUN 01, 2010

Danilenko,Alexander V.; Izaguirre Alvarado Bradley,Ada Karina; Marin,Philippe Disclosed

Climate change and urban water utilities : challenges and opportunities (English)

This report is part of a larger World Bank effort that seeks to provide analytical and strategic assistance to Bank staff and utilities in client countries as they begin to consider the implications of climate change on water resources. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 54235 APR 01, 2010

Danilenko, Alexander; Dickson, Eric; Jacobsen, Michael; Disclosed

Water and climate change : understanding the risks and making climate-smart investment decisions (English)

Climate change is real, and taking prudent measures to plan for and adapt to climate change must become an integral part of the Bank's water practice. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 52911 NOV 01, 2009

Alavian, Vahid; Qaddumi, Halla Maher; Dickson, Eric; Diez, Sylvia Michele; Danilenko, Alexander V.; Hirji, Rafik Fatehali; Puz, Gabrielle; Pizarro, Carolina; Jacobsen, Michael; Blankespoor, Brian Disclosed