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The status and impact of bio safety regulation in developing economies since ratification of the Cartagena protocol (English)

The World development report 2010: development and climate change highlights the link between biotechnology, development, and environment. Aside from recognizing biotechnologyapos;s potential to improve crop productivity, increase crop adaptation to climatic stresses such as drought, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, the report emphasizes the need to establish science-based regulatory systems apos;so that risks and benefits can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, comparing the potential risks with alternative technologiesapos; (World Bank 2010). ... See More +

Working Paper 69830 JUN 01, 2012

McLean, Morven; Foley, Mary-Ellen; Pehu, Eija

Essentials (January 2001) (English)

ESSD: Community driven development anchor now firmly established. Environment: latest public opinion on the environment now available. The environment strategy consultations in San Francisco. ... See More +

Newsletter 23129 JAN 31, 2001

Ahmad, Nilufar; Barghouti, Shawki; Brandriss, Peter; Brown, Lynn; Canby, Kerstin; Cantrell, Jim; Foley, Mary-Ellen; Garrison, John; Geer, Shirley; Goodland, Robert; Gordon, Anita; Guadagni, Maurizio; Klopfer, Eilee Alexandra; Kuroda, Kazuhide; Muthuram, Vidhya; Newcombe, Ken; Owen, Daniel; Pagiola, Stefano; Pitman, Jas; Reuben, William; Theiler, Susan Scurlock; Thindwa, Jeff; Thompson, Robert L.; Wettstein, Jason; Youssef, Deborah

Essentials 2(1) (English)

FY2000 Strategic Forum to chart Bankapos;s direction. Post-conflict reconstruction brainstorming. Netherlands pledges $14.5 million for environment. ... See More +

Newsletter 23120 JAN 31, 1999

Briscoe, John; Foley, Mary-Ellen; Hassan, Hassan; Kiernan, Michael; Poore, Kerri; Rapp, Kennan; Rosenthal, Shane; Sherman, Mariam; Whitten, Tony