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Prudential Regulatory and Supervisory Practices for Fintech : Payments, Credit and Deposits (English)

This report is a stock-take of the state of prudential regulation and supervision of fintech. It focuses on prudential questions related to three primary products—transaction accounts (deposits and e-money accounts), credit, and payments. ... See More +

Working Paper 145037 JAN 01, 2020

Taylor,Charles; Almansi,Aquiles A.; Ferrari,Aurora Disclosed

Interest rate caps : the theory and the practice (English)

Ceilings on lending rates remain a widely used policy tool that is intended to lower the overall cost of credit or protect consumers from exorbitant rates. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8398 APR 03, 2018

Ferrari,Aurora; Masetti,Oliver; Ren,Jiemin Disclosed

State ownership of financial institutions in Europe and Central Asia (English)

This paper introduces key findings from a new cross-country survey on state-owned financial institutions in Europe and Central Asia. It covers 41 such institutions operating in the region as of end 2016, and considers variables in the areas of mandates, instruments, performance, governance, and monitoring/evaluation. ... See More +

WPS8288 DEC 20, 2017

Skamnelos,Ilias; Ferrari,Aurora; Mare,Davide Salvatore Disclosed

Serbia - Deposit insurance : technical note (English)

This note focuses on the deposit insurance scheme. An analysis of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) is provided to the extent that it is relevant to the management of the deposit insurance scheme and no detail analysis of the other functions performed by the DIA, e.g. bank resolution, is included. ... See More +

Working Paper 79238 OCT 01, 2009

Ferrari,Aurora Disclosed

Serbia - Crisis management framework : technical note (English)

In light of the outflow of deposits in Serbia in late 2008 and early 2009, a series of measures were introduced to urgently address stability concerns. ... See More +

Working Paper 79240 OCT 01, 2009

Ferrari,Aurora Disclosed

India's investment climate : voices of Indian business (English)

This book identifies key investment climate bottlenecks that slow down growth and poverty reduction. Based on face-to-face surveys of owners and managers of firms, combined with extensive dataset analysis, backed by secondary sources, the study analyses the critical factors that influence day-to-day decisions by firms on how to invest. ... See More +

Investment Climate Assessment (ICA) 46828 NOV 26, 2008

Ferrari, Aurora; Dhingra, Inderbir Singh Disclosed

Increasing access to rural finance in Bangladesh : the forgotten missing middle (English)

Increasing access to rural finance is often the last frontier for financial sector development in developing countries. Financial institutions aiming to operate in rural areas in these countries usually have to deal with high transaction costs, low population densities, remote areas, and a heavy focus on agriculture, with related weather and commodity risks. ... See More +

Publication 41459 JUL 01, 2007

Ferrari, Aurora Disclosed

Access to financial services in Nepal (English)

Over the past 20 years Nepal's financial sector has become deeper and the number and type of financial intermediaries have grown rapidly. Recent reforms have also made the banking sector more stable. ... See More +

Publication 39976 JAN 01, 2007

Ferrari, Aurora; Jaffrin, Guillemette; Shrestha, Sabin Raj Disclosed

Commercial bank downscaling : lessons from experience (English)

Access to finance is often raised in World Bank Enterprise Surveys as one of the top three constraints. This constraint is particularly acute for small businesses. ... See More +

Newsletter 38961 OCT 01, 2006

Ferrari, Aurora; Jaffrin, Guillemente Sidonie

Doing business in South Asia in 2006 (English)

In this study the authors stress that businesses in South Asia have far to go to crack the upper echelons of the ranks of business in both rich and emerging economies in the ease of doing business. ... See More +

Working Paper 36900 JAN 01, 2006

Bell, Simon; Ferrari, Aurora; Divakaran, Shanthi Disclosed