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Myanmar agricultural development bank : initial assessment and restructuring options (English)

Myanmar is an agricultural country. It is estimated that the agriculture sector represents between 35 to 40 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and that up to 70 percent of the labor force (of 32.5 million) is directly or indirectly engaged in agricultural activities or depend on agriculture for their income. ... See More +

Working Paper 86630 APR 08, 2014

Luna-Martinez, Jose De; Anantavrasilpa, Ratchada

Review of state-owned banks in Belarus : technical note (English)

This note reviews state-owned banks in Belarus and offers recommendations on how to strengthen them. It covers the Belarusbank, Belagroprombank, Belinvestbank, and Paritetbank (the public banks), and the recently established Development Bank of Belarus (DBB). ... See More +

Working Paper 86040 DEC 03, 2012

Leonardo Vicente, Carlos; Martinez , Jose De Luna; Lutsenko, Nataliya

Global survey of development banks (English)

Historically, development banks have been an important instrument of governments to promote economic growth by providing credit and a wide range of advisory and capacity building programs to households, small and medium enterprises, and even large private corporations, whose financial needs are not sufficiently served by private commercial banks or local capital markets. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5969 FEB 01, 2012

de Luna-Martinez, Jose; Vicente, Carlos Leonardo

Access to financial services in Zambia (English)

Despite the deep financial sector reforms undertaken in Zambia in the early 1990s, the expected benefits of establishing a market-based banking system has not materialized. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4061 NOV 01, 2006

de Luna Martinez, Jose

The Italy - Albania remittance corridor : shifting from the physical transfer of cash to a formal money transfer system (English)

This report analyzes the main characteristics of the Italy-Albania remittance corridor. The report also provides policy-makers in Albania and Italy, as well as authorities in the Apulia Region, with information on various aspects of the flow of remittances between Italy and Albania, which will form the basis of specific policy recommendations to maximize the developmental potential of remittances, strengthen the integrity of the money transfer industry, reduce remittances fees, improve data collection practices, and ensure that regulation of the money transfer industry would be balanced by increasing incentives to improve access of financial services to both the remittance senders in Italy and the beneficiaries in Albania. ... See More +

Other Financial Sector Study 45232 MAR 04, 2006

Hernandez-Coss, Raul; Martinez, Jose de Luna; Amatuzio, Andrea; Borowik, Kamil; Lagi, Federico;

The Germany-Serbia remittance corridor: challenges of establishing a formal money transfer system (English)

This report provides an overview of remittance flows from Germany to Serbia and analyzes why a large part of remittance transfers take place outside financial institutions. ... See More +

Other Financial Sector Study 36338 JAN 01, 2006

De Luna Martinez, Jose; Endo, Isaku; Barberis, Corrado

Workers remittances to developing countries : a survey with central banks on selected public policy issues (English)

This paper presents the findings of a survey conducted by the World Bank of central banks in 40 developing countries across different regions in the world. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3638 JUN 01, 2005

de Luna Martinez, Jose

International survey of integrated financial sector supervision (English)

Despite the intense debate on the advantages and disadvantages of adopting integrated supervision that has taken place in recent years, little is known about the experiences of countries that have adopted it and the obstacles and challenges they have faced to implement it. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3096 JUL 31, 2003

de Luna Martinez, Jose; Rose, Thomas A.

Management and resolution of banking crises - lessons from the Republic of Korea and Mexico (English)

The report examines, and compares the strategies, and policies implemented in Korea, and Mexico to manage, and resolve their banking crises. It identifies: systemic risks contained in each of them; the establishment of an overall crisis resolution unit; the recognition of losses, and reduction of bad assets; the re-capitalization of banks; restructuring of corporate/household debt; strengthening of prudential regulation; and, management and disposition of impaired assets. ... See More +

Publication WDP413 MAR 31, 2000

De Luna-Martinez, Jose