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Urban age 6(4) : Urban age - Gambling on the City Economy (English)

Porto Alegre: where the public controls the purse strings, by Lucy Conger. Home ownership: the new Chinese Dream, by Ted Plafker. Riches in rags, by Gabriela Boyer. ... See More +

Newsletter 20843 JAN 31, 1999

Conger, Lucy; Plafker, Ted; Boyer, Gabriela; Boyle, Robin; Landry, Charles; Patrick, Stuart; Chatterjee, Patralekha; Juhel, Mark; Pollock, Eric; Drabrowski, Andrea; Raboh,Hossam Abd; Auclair, Christine; Lebo, Jerry; Bergen, Margaret [editor] Disclosed

Cultural heritage : an urban age special issue (English)

Rome celebrates millennium, by Christian Jubilee. US-Mexico identities: culture at the border. Asia pacific discussion: heritage network on-line. ... See More +

Newsletter 19256 SEP 30, 1998

Bergen, Margaret [editor]; Juiblee, Christian; Landry, Charles; Serageldin, Ismail; Ebbe, Katrinka; Eirinberg, Keith W.; Afshar, Mahasti; Crosby, ToddVincent; Hale, Jonathan; Nasution, Khoo Salma Disclosed

The urban age - the cultural heritage of cities (English)

Solving the Rubik's Cube: cultural heritage in cities of the developing world. Forward to the past:cultural heritage a trigger for renewal. The politics of heritage: the culture war in urban India. ... See More +

Newsletter 17514 SEP 30, 1997

Serageldin, Ismail; Landry, Charles; Chatterjee, Patralekha; Erbach, Jerry; Eirinberg, Keith W.; Corzo, Miguel Angel; Bergen, Margaret; Goethert, Reinhard; Balzar, John; Netzer, Dick; Ashworth, G. J.; Hankey, Donald; Biswas, Kalyan; Dickey, Lisa; Padula, Giovanni; Badshah, Akhtar; Subir, Josep Disclosed

The urban age - a celebration of city life (English)

Cites today: a new frontier. Innovative programs for the urban poor in Cali, Columbia. Planning for the future - the special furture of Suchitoto. ... See More +

Newsletter 17511 MAY 31, 1996

Sassen, Saskia; Patel, Sujata; Guerrero, Rodrigo; Darsie, Jann; Bergen, Margaret; Landry, Charles; Vergara, Camilo Jose; Abdullah, Nizar; Smart, IanIsidore; Kreimer, Alcira; Sheehey, Richard; Sudjic, Deyan; Carrion, Diego; Haa, Peter Disclosed

The urban age - the human environment of cities (3,2) (English)

Bombay: one city - two worlds. The human face of the urban environment. Urban development program in Calcutta integrates environmental concerns. ... See More +

Newsletter 17447 JUN 30, 1995

McNeil, Mary; Biswas, Kalyan; Leman, Edward; Burley, Mike; Shluger, Ephim; Hideaki Hoshina; Kigotho, Wachira; Girardet, Herbert; Montefiore, Simon Sebag; Solomon, Lisa; Foreman, Jonathan; Landry, Charles; Cohen, Michael; Campbell, Tim Disclosed