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Furthering World Bank Group's corporate environmental sustainability (English)

The World Bank Group (WBG) has focused on reducing the environmental impacts of its internal operations and improving corporate environmental practices since 2002, when the WBG President announced WBG's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). ... See More +

Working Paper 81067 DEC 13, 2010

Kumar, Monika; Rubinfield, Adam; Moore, Judith Disclosed

Environment matters at the World Bank : Environment matters at the World Bank : annual review 2001 (English)

Johannesburg 2002 must be about people, planet, and prosperity; by Mohammed Valli Moosa. Making sustainable commitments - an environment strategy for the World Bank; by Kristalina I. ... See More +

Publication 23955 JAN 01, 2001

Hamilton, Kirk; Pagiola, Stefano; Livernash, Rober T. [editors]; Valli Moosa, Mohammed; Georgieva, Kristalina I.; Moore, Judith; Lovei, Magda; Bojo, Jan; Johnson, Todd; Mercier, Jean Roger; Kiss, Agi; Dore, Giovanna; Serra, Teresa; Sarraf, Maria; Brandon, Carter; Miller, Shawn; Acharya, Anjali; Abuyuan, Alethea Mariel T.

Essentials 3(2) (English)

ESSD's annual gathering. The Hague World Water Forum. WB/NGO activities during the Spring Meetings. UN Commission on Sustainable Development to focus on land and agriculture. ... See More +

Newsletter 23126 APR 30, 2000

Bradford, Bonnie; Brandriss, Peter; Cantrell, Jim; Davanger, Frode; Geer, Shirley; Hale, Monica; Jones-Swahn, Caryl; Marroquin, Mario; Moore, Judith; Norsworthy, Alex; Raine, Martin; Senderowitsch, Roby; Segnestam,Lisa; Sherman, Mariam; Tarifa, Ricardo; Van den Oever, Pietronella; Van Praag, Nick; Williams, Melissa; Ziegler, Tor

Korea : the environmental dimension of the crisis - a step back or a new way forward? (English)

The rapid economic expansion in Korea over the last three decades, has been however, accompanied by substantial environmental costs, thus several initiatives were undertaken by the Government, and local communities to address mounting environmental problems. ... See More +

Working Paper 21290 MAR 31, 2000

Sang-Don Lee; Taek-Whan Han; Yong-Kul Won; Aden, Jean; Dore, Giovanna; Moore, Judith; George Golitzen, Katherin [editor]