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Hydroelectric power : a guide for developers and investors (English)

Worldwide, hydropower is a crucial power supply option for several reasons. First, it is a renewable energy resource that can contribute to sustainable development by generating local, typically inexpensive power. ... See More +

Working Paper 99392 JAN 01, 2015

Malovic,Dzenan; Engelmann Pilger,Hendrik; Arsenijevic,Nebojsa; Gassner,Katharina B.; Merle-Beral,Elena; Monti,Giovanna; Pooley,Justin; Inouye,Lauren Kiyoko; Levin,Jeremy; Kellenberg,John Disclosed

Success of geothermal wells : a global study (English)

This report presents analysis of a database of global geothermal drilling success. The database, compiled by IFC, covers geothermal fields that together supply power to 71 percent of the world's installed geothermal electricity generating capacity, making it the largest database of its kind. ... See More +

Other Environmental Study 78230 JUN 01, 2013

GeothermEx; Harding-Newman, Tom; Morrow, James; Sanyal, Subir; Meng, Zhengjia; Allen, Mike; Avato, Patrick; Gehringer, Magnus; Levin, Jeremy; Loksha, Victor; Moin, Sonia; Oduolowu, Akin; Pantelias, Alexios Disclosed

Financing energy efficiency : lessons from Brazil, China, India, and beyond (English)

Energy for heating, cooling, lighting, mechanical power, and various chemical processes is a fundamental requirement for both daily life and economic development. ... See More +

Publication 42529 FEB 08, 2008

Taylor , Robert P ; Govindarajalu , Chandrasekar ; Levin , Jeremy ; Meyer , Anke S ; Ward , William A Disclosed