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Africa - Developing COMESA's M&E Capacity to Monitor MTSP Implementation : P120581 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 02 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR7255 AUG 09, 2012

Davanger,Frode Disclosed

Essentials 3(3) (English)

ESSD news: ESSD European Forum a success. Sector news - Environment: Environment strategy consultations kick into action. Global public opinion and the environment. ... See More +

Newsletter 23127 JUN 30, 2000

Ahmad, Nilufar; Alkire, Sabine; Bebbington, Tony; Bradford, Bonnie; Brown, Gillian; Canby, Kerstin; Clark, Fiona; Davanger, Frode; Del Castillo, Concepcion; Fernandes, Monica; Giovannucci, Daniele; Goodland,Robert; Hanrahan, David; Huber, Richard; Klopfer, Alexandra; Lovei, Magda; Rex, William; Riethmacher, Guenter; Senderowitsch, Roby; Sera, Yumi; Slok, Julie; Stover, Christine; Tarifa, Ricardo; Tikare, Seema; Thompson, Bob; Vidaeus, Lars; Walton, Michael

Essentials 3(2) (English)

ESSD's annual gathering. The Hague World Water Forum. WB/NGO activities during the Spring Meetings. UN Commission on Sustainable Development to focus on land and agriculture. ... See More +

Newsletter 23126 APR 30, 2000

Bradford, Bonnie; Brandriss, Peter; Cantrell, Jim; Davanger, Frode; Geer, Shirley; Hale, Monica; Jones-Swahn, Caryl; Marroquin, Mario; Moore, Judith; Norsworthy, Alex; Raine, Martin; Senderowitsch, Roby; Segnestam,Lisa; Sherman, Mariam; Tarifa, Ricardo; Van den Oever, Pietronella; Van Praag, Nick; Williams, Melissa; Ziegler, Tor