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Town water supply and sanitation companion papers : volume 3 : Town water supply and sanitation : companion papers - volume 3 (English)

Contents of the report are: an alternative perspective on Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) services: Towns and the urban/rural divide; by Richard Hopkins and David Satterthwaite. ... See More +

Working Paper 44724 JUL 01, 2003

Hopkins, Richard; Satterthwaite, David; Lauria, Donald; Walton, Barry; Schoon, Colin; Stott, Paul; Smet, Jo; Ringskog, Klas; Valfrey, Bruno;; Collignon, Bernard; Myers, Stephen; Schwartz, Klaas; Cresswell, Jack; Nordstrom, Solveig; Gasteyer, Stephen; Appleton, Brian; Disclosed

Sanitation in Wonosobo : two evaluation approaches compared (English)

The field note compares two approaches in the design of each evaluation methodology in providing sanitation, through the Wonosobo case study: the conventional survey data collection, measures individual responses to questions on sanitation, and latrine uses, but provides limited discussion opportunities to clarify unsolved issues; in contrast, the participatory method emphasizes focus group discussions, to help empower participants in identifying, discussing, clarifying, and resolving problems within their own communities. ... See More +

Working Paper 24655 APR 30, 2002

Walujan,Ruth; Hopkins,Richard M.; Istandar,Arie Disclosed

Evaluation of the 'community-managed activities' component of the AusAID Supported NTB ESWS Project (English)

Over the last few years of the current millennium a global consensus has emerged on the principles to guide the provision of community water supply and sanitation services. ... See More +

Working Paper 72031 MAR 01, 1999

Mukherjee, Nilanjana; Pollard, Richard; Hopkins, Richard; Lambertus, Alfred Disclosed

A comparison of two models for income distribution planning (English)

The results from two models developed to explore the relationship between policy instruments and income distribution in developing countries are compared. ... See More +

Journal Article REP81 JAN 31, 1979