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The quality and impact of the individual coaching program, 2000-2002 (English)

The purpose of the Individual Coaching Program evaluation was to determine the quality and impact of the program according to those who completed their coaching sessions. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 31186 SEP 01, 2002

Prom-Jackson, Sukai; Cooper, Merri-Ann; Martin, Biko Sankofa; Kategile, Wema J.; Palmisano, Maria Bina; Arango, Diana

The multi-sectoral team learning program : an evaluation of the success of 29 pilot teams in achieving the key results of the program, 2001-2002 (English)

The report provides information on: (i) the value of the key components in supporting work-based learning within a multi-sectoral team context; (2) the success of the teams in achieving the defined results of the program, in terms of outputs and impact; (3) the key factors that drive success among teams; and (4) recommendations for enhancing multi-sectoral team learning. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 31187 SEP 01, 2002

Prom-Jackson, Sukai; Darling, Marilyn; Ransom, Angela; Sankofa, Biko; Kategile, Wema J.; Arango, Diana

Bank staff learning agenda : quality of formal classroom training FY00 mid-year evaluation report (English)

The learning agenda for bank staff is composed of a variety of interrelated and mutually reinforcing activities and practices designed to enhance staff learning and performance and the development of the Bank as a learning organization. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 49344 MAR 01, 2000

Jackson, Sukai Prom; Rist, Ray; Malone, Tena; Sankofa Martin, Sean Biko; Hayashi, Chika; Palmisano, Maria Bina Disclosed

The Bank's learning agenda : an evaluation of the Bank staff training program - FY99 (English)

Learning and professional excellence are of great importance for the institutional sustainability of the World Bank in the current revolution on globalization. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 49338 JAN 01, 1999

Jackson, Sukai Prom; Rist, Ray; Sankofa Martin, Sean Biko; Malone, Tena; Zhou, Chunnong; Hayashi, Chika Disclosed