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Global public policies and programs - implications for financing and evaluation (English)

These are the proceedings from a World Bank workshop on global public policies, and programs, assembled from transcripts, and accompanying papers. ... See More +

Publication 22356 JUN 30, 2001

Gerrard, Christopher D.; Ferroni, Marco; Mody, Ashoka [editors]; Picciotto, Robert; Piercy, Jan; Malik, Khalid; Cooper, Richard N.; Kaul, Inge; Kanbur, Ravi; Reinincke, Wolfgang; Serageldin, Ismail; Newcombe, Ken; Barrett, Scott; Briscoe, John; Kremer, Michael; Jamison, Dean; Reifschneider, Francisco J.B.; Watal, Jayashree; Shands, Henry; Correa, Carlos; Goldstein, Morris; Eichengreen, Barry; Fisher,Matthew; Sandler, Todd; van Kesteren, Karel; Scriven, Michael; Leeuw, Frans; Ingram, Greg

Coping with too much of a good thing : policy responses for large capital inflows in developing countries (English)

In discussing the causes and consequences of large capital inflows to developing countries, the author emphasizes two things. First, although there are legitimate grounds for an optimistic long-term outlook on private capital flows to developing countries, there is little to suggest that the volatility of capital flows will end. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1507 SEP 30, 1995

Goldstein, Morris

Growth-oriented adjustment programs (English)

This report presents the proceeding of a symposium on growth-oriented adjustment programs that was organized jointly by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and held in Washington on February 25-27, 1987. ... See More +

Publication 13366 JAN 01, 1987

Corbo, Vittorio; Goldstein, Morris; Khan, Mohsin