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Yemen - Education in federal states : lessons from selected countries - a study of decentralization and school-based management : اليمن - التعليم في الدول الاتحادية: دروس من بلدان مختارة - دراسة اللامركزية والإدارة المدرسية (Arabic)

Following the consensus reached at the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) in January 2014 that Yemen will become a federal state, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has begun planning for the restructuring of education delivery services. ... See More +

Working Paper ACS13298 JUN 01, 2015

Wang,Lianqin; Gregory,Laura; Demas,Angela; Arcia,Gustavo J.; Miyajima,Tomomi; Moheyddeen,Khalid Ahmed Ali Disclosed

What matters most for school autonomy and accountability : a framework paper (English)

This framework paper provides an overview of what matters most for school autonomy and accountability. The focus is on public schools at the primary and the secondary level. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 96450 MAR 30, 2015

Demas,Angela; Arcia,Gustavo J. Disclosed

Assessing sector performance and inequality in education (English)

This book gathers in one volume all the information related to Automated DEC [Development Economics - Vice Presidency at the World Bank] Poverty Tables (ADePT) Edu, the software platform created by the World Bank for reporting and analyzing education indicators and education inequality. ... See More +

Publication 63252 JUN 30, 2011

Porta, Emilio; Arcia, Gustavo; Macdonald, Kevin; Radyakin, Sergiy; Lokshin, Michael Disclosed

SABER : school autonomy and accountability (English)

The objective of this paper is to present an assessment scale for benchmarking school autonomy and accountability. This scale is one of the tools being developed under system assessment and benchmarking for education results (SABER) initiative created by the World Bank as part of its education strategy. ... See More +

Working Paper 94450 APR 27, 2011

Arcia, Gustavo; Macdonald, Kevin; Patrinos, Harry Anthony; Porta, Emilio Disclosed

School autonomy and accountability in context : Application of benchmarking indicators in selected European countries (English)

School autonomy and accountability are two components of School-Based Management (SBM) that complement each other to increase the operational and pedagogical efficiency of schools. ... See More +

Working Paper 94444 DEC 01, 2010

Arcia, Gustavo; Patrinos, Harry; Porta, Emilio; Macdonald, Kevin Disclosed

Rebuilding the social contract : school autonomy in Nicaragua (English)

The change in government in 1990 marked the beginning of a new education policy focused on parental rights and responsibilities, and anchored on the decentralization of the public education system. ... See More +

LAC Human & Social Development Group Paper Series 20937 APR 30, 1999

Arcia, Gustavo; Belli, Humberto