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Protecting people with social safety nets (English)

When the present is at stake; by Margaret Grosh, John Blomquist, and Yisgedullish Amde. Quid pro quo; by Margaret Grosh. Responding to the crisis in Korea with Public Works; by John Blomquist. ... See More +

Newsletter 23879 JAN 31, 2002

Lund, Lotte [editor]; Grosh, Margaret; Blomquist, John; Amde, Yisgedullish; Razmara, Setareh; Ruppert, Elizabeth; Alderman, Harold; Smith, W. James; Subbarao,Kalanidhi; Rawlings, Laura B.; Levine, Antony; Lindert, Kathy; Lanjouw, Peter; Ozler, Berk

Meeting employment challenges in the global economy (English)

Closing the gap; by Lotte Lund. Thailand after the crisis; by Lotte Lund. Toil, sweat, and trade : what can be done to improve working conditions in developing countries? ... See More +

Newsletter 23009 MAR 31, 2001

Lund, Lotte [editor] Disclosed

Facing the future : the importance of pension reform to new generations (English)

Encounter with a millennium baby, by Edward Whitehouse. Survivors' guide to pension reform. Facts about Poland. New old-age pension system in Poland, by Marek Gora and Michal Rutkowski. ... See More +

Newsletter 23007 JAN 01, 2000

Whitehouse, Edward; Gora, Marek; Rutkowski, Michal Disclosed