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Morocco - Broadband in Morocco : political will meets socio-economic reality (English)

This report presents the broadband landscape in Morocco and the approach by which the country has advanced its information and communications technology sector over the past fifteen years. ... See More +

Knowledge Economy Study 69181 JAN 01, 2011

Constant, Samantha Disclosed

Indoor air pollution in cold climates : the cases of Mongolia and China (English)

This note provides a snapshot of indoor air pollution interventions in two cold climate environments. It illustrates the different methodologies used for each of the cases and presents a comparative analysis of results and lessons learned. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 39905 DEC 01, 2006

Baris, Enis; Rivera, Salvador; Boehmova, Zuzana; Constant, Samantha Disclosed

Improving lives : World Bank Group progress on renewable energy and energy efficiency in fiscal year 2006 (English)

Meeting the energy needs of developing countries in an environmentally sustainable manner is an urgent challenge. Clean energy underpins sustainable growth and poverty reduction. ... See More +

Annual Report 46794 DEC 01, 2006

Berman, Laura; Constant, Samantha; Missfeldt-Ringius, Fanny; Sarkar, Ashok; Utria, Boris; Cabraal, Anil Disclosed

Environment matters at the World Bank - annual review 2005 (English)

In line with one of the major themes in the Bank's Environment Strategy, this 2005 annual review is devoted to the theme of environmental health. ... See More +

Publication 34110 JUN 30, 2005

Leitner, Kerstin Dr.; Penalosa, Enrique; Trace, Simon; Smith, Kirk R.; Acharya, Anjali; Tsutsui, Eri; Ruta, Giovanni; Sarraf, Maria; Kaufmann, Rachel; Ahmed, Kulsum; Awe, Yewande; Constant, Samantha; Procee, Paul; Tynan, Ellen; Bojo, Ian [editor] Disclosed