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The performance of Bulgarian food markets during reform (English)

Food policy often depends on markets and markets depend on institutions. But how good do institutions have to be before reforms can be launched? ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4876 MAR 01, 2009

Larson, Donald F.; Sarris, Alexander Disclosed

Gauging the welfare effects of shocks in rural Tanzania (English)

Studies of risk and its consequences tend to focus on one risk factor, such as a drought or an economic crisis. Yet 2003 household surveys in rural Kilimanjaro and Ruvuma, two cash-crop-growing regions in Tanzania that experienced a precipitous coffee price decline around the turn of the millennium, identified health and drought shocks as well as commodity price declines as major risk factors, suggesting the need for a comprehensive approach to analyzing household vulnerability. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4406 NOV 01, 2007

Christiaensen, Luc; Hoffmann, Vivian; Sarris, Alexander Disclosed

Coffee price risk in perspective - household vulnurability among rural coffee growing smallholders in rural Tanzania (English)

Despite the precipitous decline in coffee prices in early 2000, cash crop growing smallholders in Kilimanjaro and Ruvuma, Tanzania, identified health shocks, droughts as well as commodity price declines as their major risk factors. ... See More +

Working Paper 41690 MAR 10, 2006

Christiaensen, Luc; Hoffman, Vivian; Sarris, Alexander

The demand for commodity insurance by developing country agricultural producers - theory and an application to cocoa in Ghana (English)

The author considers the benefit to agricultural producers of commodity price insurance that provides in every year-but in advance of the resolution of production and price uncertainty-a minimum price for a fixed or variable portion of production. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2887 SEP 30, 2002

Sarris, Alexander

The role of agriculture in economic development and poverty reduction : an empirical and conceptual foundation (English)

The purpose of this paper is to review issues concerning the role of agriculture in promoting overall growth and poverty reduction. The major questions investigated are the following: Under what conditions is added or disproportional support for agriculture both growth enhancing overall as well as poverty reducing? ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 25038 AUG 31, 2001

Sarris, Alexander

The World Bank economic review 5(2) (English)

Introduction: poverty and adjustment in the 1980s. Poverty in Eastern Europe in the years of crisis, 1978 to 1987: Poland, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. ... See More +

Publication 17597 MAY 31, 1991

Squire, Lyn; Milanovic, Branko; Pissarides, Christopher A.; Ahmad, Ehtisham; Yan Wang; Sahn, David E.; Sarris, Alexander; Behrman, Jere R.; Deolalikar, Anil B.; Bourguignon, Francois; Melo, Jaime de; Suwa, Akiko; Newman, John; Jorgensen, Steen; Pradhan, Menno

Structural adjustment and the welfare of rural smallholders : a comparative analysis from sub-Saharan Africa (English)

The direction and level of changes in real incomes brought about by structural adjustment are determined by a variety of factors, including sources of income, patterns of expenditures, and movements in relative prices in the wake of adjustment. ... See More +

Journal Article 14226 MAY 31, 1991

Sahn, David E.; Sarris, Alexander

Incorporating uncertainty into planning of industrialization strategies for developing countries (English)

Explicit incorporation of uncertainty into policy analysis is crucially important for many issues. In an era of increased uncertainty and greater fluctuations in international prices and supplies, it is particularly warranted to develop analytical and empirical tools for contingency planning. ... See More +

Staff Working Paper SWP503 JAN 31, 1982

Sarris, Alexander H.; Adelman, Irma