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The World Bank economic review 26 (3) (English)

This issue of the World Bank economic review includes the following topics of interest: is there a metropolitan bias? the relationship between poverty and city size in a selection of developing countries; impact of SMS-based agricultural information on Indian farmers; crises, food prices, and the income elasticity of micronutrients - estimates from Indonesia; economic geography and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa; the decision to import capital goods in India: firms' financial factors matter; coffee market liberalization and the implications for producers in Brazil, Guatemala and India; implications of COMTRADE compilation practices for trade barrier analyses and negotiations. ... See More +

Publication 80522 NOV 01, 2012

Lanjouw, Peter; Fafchamps, Marcel; Minten, Bart; Skoufias, Emmanuel; Tiwari, Sailesh; Zaman, Hassan; Bosker, Maarten; Garretsen, Harry; Bas, Maria; Berthou, Antoine; Russell, Bill; Mohan, Sushil; Banerjee, Anindya; Yeats, Alexander J.; Ferre, Celine; Ferreira, Francisco H.G. Disclosed

On measuring the benefits of lower transport costs (English)

Despite large amounts invested in rural roads in developing countries, little is known about their benefits. This paper derives an expression for the willingness-to-pay for a reduction in transport costs from the canonical agricultural household model and uses it to estimate the benefits of a hypothetical road project. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4484 JAN 01, 2008

Jacoby, Hanan G.; Minten, Bart Disclosed

Is land titling in Sub-Saharan Africa cost-effective? : evidence from Madagascar (English)

Formalizing land rights has been promoted as a way to encourage agricultural investment and stimulate land markets, yet little is known about the benefits of such policies in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the preconditions for success are less favorable. ... See More +

Journal Article 77551 SEP 01, 2007

Jacoby, Hanan G.; Minten, Bart Disclosed

The World Bank economic review 21 (3) (English)

This issue includes the following: macroeconomic volatility and welfare in developing countries: an introduction, by Norman V. Loayza, Romain Ranciere, Luis Servin, and Jaume Ventura. ... See More +

Publication 51344 JAN 01, 2007

Loayza, Norman V.; Ranciere, Romain; Servin, Luis; Ventura, Jaume; Raddatz, Claudio; Levchenko, Andrei A.; Mauro, Paolo; Galindo, Arturo Jose; Micco, Alegandro;; Kharroubi, Enisse; Jacoby, Hanan G.; Minten, Bart; Bandiera, Oriana; Campos, Nauro; Jolliffe, Dean; Disclosed

Riz et pauvrete a Madagascar (French)

Two important questions are tackled in this report about rice and poverty in Madagascar. The first question deals with the role that agriculture plays in the reduction of poverty in Madagascar. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 38707 SEP 01, 2006

Minten, Bart Disclosed