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The case for water and sanitation : better water and sanitation make good fiscal and economic sense, and should be prominent in PRSPs and budget allocations (English)

How hard does public expenditure 'work' for the water and sanitation sector? Does it bring benefits that outweigh the costs? This note presents a series of arguments for governments to invest in the sector, based on evidence which shows that water supply and sanitation improvements result in quantifiable benefits with substantial direct economic value, and reduce the need for public expenditures in other sectors. ... See More +

Working Paper 46520 NOV 01, 2004

Brocklehurst,Clarissa Disclosed

Innovative contracts, sound relationships : urban water sector reform in Senegal (English)

In 1995, the Government of Senegal launched wide-reaching reforms in the urban water sector. The reforms consisted of dissolving the state-run water company and creating a new asset-holding company that owned all the fixed assets in the government's name and had a mandate to manage the sector. ... See More +

Water & Sanitation Discussion Paper 30947 JAN 01, 2004

Brocklehurst, Clarissa; Janssens, Jan G.

New designs for water and sanitation transactions - making private sector participation work for the poor (English)

The document is a practical, structured document that draws on the debates from the International Seminar on Water and Sanitation, held in Paris, France on December 2000, supplemented by additional material. ... See More +

Working Paper 24652 MAY 31, 2002

Brocklehurst,Clarissa; Evans, Barbara A. Disclosed

Durban metro water - private sector partnerships to serve the poor (English)

This case study outlines Durban Metro Water's carefully structured partnerships with the private sector firms Lyonnaise des Eaux and Vivendi, which have been undertaken in an overall attempt to improve service delivery to low income communities. ... See More +

Brief 30361 MAY 01, 2001

Brocklehurst, Clarissa