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Can Local Participatory Programs Enhance Public Confidence : Insights from the Local Initiatives Support Program in Russia (English)

This paper reviews the performance of the Russia Local Initiatives Support Program (LISP) as an instrument for directly addressing the needs of the population to access socioeconomic infrastructure, for increasing public confidence in self-governance frameworks and institutions through dialogue and community budgeting consultations, and for strengthening the capacity for local self-governance. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 137448 MAY 01, 2019

Shulga,Ivan; Shilov,Lev; Sukhova,Anna; Pojarski,Peter Ivanov Disclosed

Malawi - Strengthening Safety Nets Systems - MASAF IV : P133620 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 02 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR16677 NOV 17, 2014

Pojarski,Peter Ivanov

Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet (Appraisal Stage) - North Caucasus Federal Okrug Local Initiatives Support Project - P120434 (English)

Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet ISDSA367 MAR 29, 2012

Pojarski,Peter Ivanov Disclosed

Project Information Document (Appraisal Stage) - North Caucasus Federal Okrug Local Initiatives Support Project - P120434 (English)

Project Information Document PIDA139 JAN 30, 2012

Pojarski,Peter Ivanov Disclosed

Bulgaria - Social Inclusion Project : P100657 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 06 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR4429 JAN 02, 2012

Pojarski,Peter Ivanov Disclosed

Social protection in ECA during the transition : an unfinished agenda (English)

This report concerns Europe and Central Asia, a World Bank region that comprises 28 countries, of which 27 are transition countries, and which also includes Turkey. ... See More +

Newsletter 30109 JUL 01, 2004

Braithwaite, Jeanine [lead editor]; von Gersdorff, Hermann [editor]; Holzmann [editor]; Rutkowski, Michal; Goldman, Philip; Wright, Alan; Rutkowski, Jan; Staines, Verdon; Isamiddinova, Dilnara; Naqvi, Maniza; O'Keefe, Philip; Bodewig, Christian; Sipos, Sandor; Sotirova, Galina; Gotcheva, Boryana; Bezhanyan, Anush; Mascarell, Caroline; Kostenickiene, Vilija; Sandi, Ana Maria; Pojarski, Peter; Kuddo, Arvo; Posarac, Alexandra; Innes, John

Bulgaria Regional Initiatives Fund (RIF) : innovative approach to income generation (English)

The note looks at the role the Regional Initiatives Fund Project had in Bulgaria, which tested the social fund approach, as an institutional mechanisms to help the country protect incomes of the poor during the transition period. ... See More +

Brief 24091 OCT 31, 2001

Pojarski, Peter