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Notes on a programme of work on informal construction in Africa (English)

The overall aim of this program is to increase understanding of, and help improve, the estimation of the value, volume and price levels of construction activity in African countries and other developing countries in which household own-account construction is common. ... See More +

Working Paper 90633 OCT 04, 2011

Meikle, Jim; May, Julian Disclosed

Can there be growth with equity : an initial assessment of land reform in South Africa (English)

The authors use evidence from a survey of about 1200 beneficiaries of South African land reform to assess the performance of the initial phase of the land reform program. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2451 SEP 30, 2000

Deininger, Klaus; May, Julian

Monitoring and evaluation capacity development in Africa (English)

The importance of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) function within public administration has been magnified by the growing voice of civil society, which has brought the issues of good governance and more effective public administration to the fore. ... See More +

Publication 27819 SEP 29, 2000

Thorne, Aid [editor]; Hamdock, Abdalla A.; Essama-Nssah, Boniface;; Mackay, Keith; Odhiambo, Karen T.; Segone, Marco; Koranteng, Appiah; Odwedo, Martin; Mukaruka, I.M.;; Kannae, Lawrence A.; Earl, Sahar; Smutylo, Terry; McCarthy, Malcolm; Oyvind Bastoe, Per; Pratel, Mahesh; Russon, Craig; Pooley, Justin; Mashinga, Theobald N.;; Shawa, Enock; Pityana, Barney; Mattes, Robert; Bratton, Michael; Davids, Derek; Cherrel Africa; Ogula, Paul A.; Timm, Jeremy; Stevens, Thilde; May, Julian;; Spring, Kate; Kopachevsky, Joe; Adrien, MArie-Helene; Lusthaus, Charles; Mugaju, James; Slade, Roger;