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Public policy for the private sector (English)

Private infrastructure: private activity fell by 30 percent in 1999; by Ada Karina Izaguirre and Geetha Rao. Private infrastructure: are the trends in low-income countries different? ... See More +

Newsletter 30634 SEP 01, 2000

Izaguirre, Ada Karina; Rao, Geetha; Baker, Bill; Tremolet, Sophie; van den Berg, Caroline; Powell, Stephen; Starks, Mary; Lovei, Laszlo; Gurenko, Eugene; Hany, Michael; O'Keefe, Philip; Shkaratan, Maria; Trujillo, Lourdes; Nombela, Gustavo; Foxley, Juan; Mardones, Jose Luis Disclosed

Does reform of energy sector networks improve access for the poor? (English)

Unless energy can be produced and delivered more cheaply, it will stay beyond the reach of many of the poor. For energy delivered through networks, the costs that matter are not only the unit energy costs, but the costs of extending the network--into an urban slum, for example, or to a rural town. ... See More +

Viewpoint 21465 MAY 31, 2000

Powell,Stephen; Starks,Mary Disclosed