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The World Bank economic review 11 (1) (English)

How international exchange, technology, and institutions affect workers : an introduction; by Ishac Diwan, and Michael Walton. Learning by trading and the returns to human capital in developing countries; by Christopher A. ... See More +

Publication 26449 JAN 31, 1997

Syrquin, Moshe [editor]; Diwan, Ishac; Walton, Michael; Pissarides, Christopher A.; Wood, Adrian; Tan, Hong; Batra, Geeta; Assaad,Ragui; Squire, Lyn; Suthiwart-Narueput, Sethaput; Devarajan, Shantayanan; Ghanem, Hafez; Thierfelder, Karen; Banerji, Arup

Openness and wage inequality in developing countries : the Latin American challenge to east Asian conventional wisdom (English)

The experience of East Asia in the 1960s and 1970s supports the theory that greater openness to trade tends to narrow the wage gap between skilled and unskilled workers in developing countries. ... See More +

Journal Article 77241 JAN 01, 1997

Wood, Adrian Disclosed

The World Bank research observer 6 (1) (English)

Contestable markets, trade, and development. How much does trade with the South affect workers in the North? Organized labor, politics, and labor market flexibility in developing countries. ... See More +

Publication 17517 JAN 31, 1991

Baumol, William J.; Kyu Sik Lee; Wood, Adrian; Nelson, Joan M.; Binswanger, Hans P.; von Braun, Joachim; McCleary, William; Ahmad, Ehtisham

How much does trade with the south affect workers in the north? (English)

Does trade with developing countries have a small and benign effect on workers in industrial countries, as most economists have maintained, or a large and adverse effect, as the general public and advocates of protection believe? ... See More +

Journal Article 14213 JAN 31, 1991

Wood, Adrian

Global trends in real exchange rates, 1960 to 1984 (English)

Over the quarter century 1960 - 84 the real exchange rates of oil importing countries on average depreciated substantially relative to those of industrial countries which by contrast appreciated. ... See More +

Publication WDP35 AUG 31, 1988

Wood, Adrian

Global trends in real exchange rates 1960-84 (English)

Working Paper (Numbered Series) DWS8801 OCT 31, 1987

Wood, Adrian Eligible for Disclosure

Growth and structural change in large low-income countries (English)

This paper summarizes the results of empirical research on changes in the structure of expenditure, production, employment and investment in the course of economic development, with special reference to large countries at low to middle income levels. ... See More +

Staff Working Paper SWP763 FEB 28, 1986

Wood, Adrian

Economic evaluation of investment projects : possibilities and problems of applying western methods in China (English)

This paper is a simple description of economic cost-benefit analysis coupled with a discussion of its applicability to project appraisal in China. ... See More +

Staff Working Paper SWP631 JAN 31, 1984

Wood, Adrian; AEA