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The importance of local capital markets for financing development (English)

Rudimentary markets for capital - for raising money and investing - exist in even the remotest places around the world. However, prudent macroeconomic management, regulation, investor protection, and innovation are necessary to transition these nascent markets, which are often speculative ventures prone to fraud, into modern, efficient, and well-functioning markets capable of serving the needs of investors and entrepreneurs, borrowers, and lenders alike. ... See More +

Brief 112692 JAN 01, 2017

Narayanaswamy,Meera; Blitzer,Charles R.; Carvajal,Ana Fiorella Disclosed

How restricting carbon dioxide and methane emissions would affect the Indian economy (English)

India and China contain about 40 percent of the earth's people. They are at an early stage of economic development, and their increasingly massive energy requirements will depend heavily on coal, a potent source of carbon dioxide, a powerful and long-lasting greenhouse gas. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS978 SEP 30, 1992

Blitzer, Charles R.; Eckaus, R.S.; Lahiri, Supriya; Meeraus, Alexander

Growth and welfare losses from carbon emissions restrictions : a general equilibrium analysis for Egypt (English)

The authors assess the economic effects in Egypt, under various conditions, of restricting carbon dioxide emissions. They use their model to assess the sensitivity of these effects to alternative specifications: changes in the level or timing of restrictions, changes in the rate of discount of future welfare, and the presence or absence of alternative technologies for generating power. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS963 AUG 31, 1992

Blitzer, Charles R.; Eckaus, R.S.; Lahiri, Supriya; Meeraus, Alexander

Economy - wide models and development planning (English)

This volume amounts to a rather comprehensive survey of the specification and uses of economy-wide planning models for developing countries. These models focus mainly on medium-term and perspective planning, and in practice must be used with tools more adapted to other concerns of planning offices, i.e., short-term stabilization policy, on the one hand, and evaluation of possible industrialization strategies and even specific investment projects, on the other. ... See More +

Publication 11915 JAN 01, 1982

Blitzer, Charles R.; Clark, Peter B.; Taylor, Lance [editors] Disclosed

A dynamic simulation model of the world jute economy (English)

Jute and jute products have been steadily losing markets to synthetic substitutes since the 1960s. One of the causes of this loss in market shares has traditionally been identified in the supply instability of raw jute; large market price fluctuations have stimulated the search for domestically produced substitutes for jute in consuming countries. ... See More +

Staff Working Paper SWP391 MAY 31, 1980

Anderson, J.; Blitzer, Charles; Cauchois, T.

Development and income distribution in a dual economy : a dynamic simulation model for Zambia (English)

This paper discusses medium-term development prospects for Zambia. The analysis is carried out in terms of a modified dual economy model, suitably modified to capture a number of key aspects of the Zambian Economy. ... See More +

Staff Working Paper SWP292 AUG 31, 1978

Blitzer, Charles

Applications of control theory to a Leontief - type planning model (English)

Dynamic multisector models are a familiar tool of the development planner. This paper discusses application of control theory to dynamic planning models. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper DRD1 MAY 31, 1973

Blitzer, Charles; Kim, H. Disclosed