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An Initial Assessment of the Economic Costs of Natural Gas for Myanmar’s Domestic Market (English)

Myanmar's energy consumption is among the lowest in the world. About 70 percent of the population has no access to electricity, and the consumption per capita is 160 kWh per annum, twenty times less than the world average. ... See More +

Report 138333 JUN 23, 2019

Roland-Holst,David W.; Agha, Saad; Penglis, Evangelos; Rabbi, Faisal Disclosed

How does Vietnam's accession to the World Trade Organization change the spatial incidence of poverty? (English)

Trade policies can promote aggregate efficiency, but the ensuing structural adjustments generally create both winners and losers. From an incomes perspective, trade liberalization can raise gross domestic product per capita, but rates of emergence from poverty depend on individual household characteristics of economic participation and asset holding. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4521 FEB 01, 2008

Fujii, Tomoki; Roland-Holst, David Disclosed

Tax evasion and tax reform in a low income economy : general equilibrium estimates for Madagascar (English)

Madagascar's weak administrative system and complex tax structure (with many exemptions) have led to tax evasion and smuggling. The authors compare Madagascar's fiscal system with that of other low-income countries, noting its greater reliance on distortionary taxes. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS918 JUN 30, 1992

de Melo, Jaime; Roland-Holst, David; Haddad, Mona

International capital mobility and the costs of U.S. import restraints (English)

In a series of recent papers, Neary and others have established the importance of trade in factor services, especially capital, in determining the welfare effects of import restrictions by tariffs, QRs, and VERs. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS516 OCT 31, 1990

de Melo, Jaime; Roland-Holst, David

Industrial organization and trade liberalization : evidence from Korea (English)

Drawing on evidence about industrial organization and market structure, the authors develop a computable general equilibrium model in selected industrial sectors with increasing returns to scale. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS518 OCT 31, 1990

de Melo, Jaime; Roland-Holst, David

An evaluation of neutral trade policy incentives under increasing returns to scale (English)

This paper sets out to test the robustness of Balassa's recommendation of neutral incentives to domestic and export sales in a setting where some sectors have domestic market power. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS480 AUG 31, 1990

de Melo, Jaime; Roland-Holst, David