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Right to information : case studies on implementation (English)

This first round of eight case studies was completed in 2012. The case studies were prepared examining the experience of a number of countries that have passed Right to Information (RTI) legislation within the last 15 years: Albania, India, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, Romania, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. ... See More +

Working Paper 98720 JAN 01, 2014

Trebicka,Jolanda; Shella, Gerdi; Surie, Mandakini Devasher; Aiyar,Yamini; Mizrahi,Yemile; Mendiburu,Marcos; Lipcean,Sergiu Ruslan; Stefan,Laura Oana; Chumbe, Roberto Pereria; Ionita, Sorin; Dokeniya,Anupama; Filali Meknassi,Saad; Moses, Elizabeth; Nicro, Somrudee; Vornpien,Panicha; Chancharoen, Nongpal; Alexander, Shannon; McDermott, Patrice Disclosed

The World Bank legal review, volume 5 : fostering development through opportunity, inclusion, and equity (English)

This is the fifth edition of The World Bank Legal Review, which highlights the breadth of reach of the rule of law and, most critically, its centrality to development. ... See More +

Publication 82558 JAN 01, 2014

Abdelhady, Hdeel; Alterman,Rachelle; Balakrishnan,Pulapre; Bo,Giovanni; Boraine,Andre; Boudry,Charles E.; Burke-Shyne, Naomi; Chern,Cyril; Cisse, Hassane [editor]; Correa, Fabiano de Andrade; Dokeniya,Anupama; Eliasson, Jan; Fariello,Frank Anthony; Fernandes,Edesio; Fraser, Sean; Gadio, Kalidou; Garrido,Jose M.; Gehring, Markus W.; Glasser,Matthew D.; Hoffman,Beth Anne; Iyi, John-Mark; Joseph, Nicholas; Kibugi, Robert; Klugman,Jeni G.; Leroy,Anne-Marie; Loris, William T.; Mcinerney-Lankford,Siobhan; Menon, N. R. Madhava [editor]; Milovanovitch, Mihaylo; Morton,Matthew H.; Mulumba, Moses; Nmehielle, Vincent O. [editor]; Panchu, Sriram; Patterson,David H.; Pearson De Gonzalez,Annette E.; Prettitore,Paul Scott; Rastogi, Avni; Roestoff, Melanie; Saito, Yolanda; Segger, Marie-Claire Cordonier [editor]; Slattery, Elisa; Sulser,Patricia Odette; Varela,David F.; Viano,Emilio Cesare Disclosed

Implementing right to information (English)

Over the last two decades, several developing countries have adopted right to information (RTI) laws, bringing the number of countries with such laws to more than 90. ... See More +

Brief 125050 SEP 01, 2013

Dokeniya,Anupama Disclosed

Implementing right to information : lessons from experience (English)

This implementing right to information lessons from experience has attempted to sketch out the key areas that are important to address during the implementation of Right-to-Information (RTI). ... See More +

Knowledge Economy Study 76254 JAN 01, 2013

Dokeniya,Anupama Disclosed

Information and communication technologies : a World Bank Group strategy (English)

Knowledge has always been central to development. It is necessary for markets and governments to function, for the process of innovation, and for the application of new ideas. ... See More +

Publication 80088 APR 01, 2002

Schware, Robert; Kenny, Charles; Foster, Vivien; Wellenius, Bjorn; Dokeniya, Anupama; Wheeler, David; Kerr-Smith, Bill; Zhen-Wei Qiang, Christine; McNamara, Kerry; Smith, Peter; Durier, Sabine; Kirchner, Lizmara Disclosed