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Capturing the sun in the land of the blue sky : providing portable solar power to nomadic herders in Mongolia (English)

The program provided a vast, dispersed community of over half a million nomadic herders with access to modern forms of electricity through portable Solar Home Systems (SHS). ... See More +

Working Paper 72683 DEC 01, 2012

Jayawardena, Migara S.; Rivera, A. Salvador; Ratnayake, Chrisantha Disclosed

Indoor air pollution in cold climates : the cases of Mongolia and China (English)

This note provides a snapshot of indoor air pollution interventions in two cold climate environments. It illustrates the different methodologies used for each of the cases and presents a comparative analysis of results and lessons learned. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 39905 DEC 01, 2006

Baris, Enis; Rivera, Salvador; Boehmova, Zuzana; Constant, Samantha Disclosed

Mongolia environment monitor (English)

Mongolia's magnificent landscapes, diverse ecosystems and rare species are of global importance, and are central to the country's well-being. ... See More +

Working Paper 25836 JAN 01, 2002

Corsi, Anna; Dore, Giovanna; Nagpal, Tanvi; Whitten, Tony; Iyer, Raja; Mearns, Robin; Lyngdoh, Yarissa R.; Rivera, Salvador Mongolian Disclosed