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Economic growth, poverty, and household welfare in Vietnam (English)

Viet Nam is an economic success story - it transformed itself from a country in the 1980s as one of the poorest in the world, to a country in the 1990s with one of the world's highest growth rates. ... See More +

Publication 29086 JAN 01, 2004

Glewwe, Paul [editor]; Agrawal, Nisha [editor]; Dollar, David [editor]; Gallup, John Luke; Vijverberg, Wim P.M.; Haughton, Jonathan; Benjamin, Dwayne; Brandt, Loren; van de Walle, Dominique; Minot, Nicholas; Baulch, Bob; Truong Thi Kim Chuyen; Haughton, Dominique; Wagstaff, Adam; Nga Nguyet Nguyen; Koch, Stefanie; Bui Linh Nguyen; Trivedi, Pravin K.; Edmonds, Eric; Tirk, Carrie; Phong Nguyen; Cox, Donald Disclosed

Patterns of health care utilization in Vietnam : analysis of 1997-98 Vietnam Living Standards Survey Data (English)

The author provides an econometric analysis of health care utilization in Vietnam based on individual and household level data from the 1997-98 Vietnam Living Standards Survey. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2775 FEB 28, 2002

Trivedi, Pravin K.

A framework for evaluating the imapct of pricing policies for cocoa and coffee in Cote d'Ivoire (English)

This article presents an approach to evaluating pricing policies for perennial crops. A flexible computational model is developed, which incorporates important features of perennial crop production that are not captured by other (usually static) frameworks. ... See More +

Journal Article 14279 MAY 31, 1992

Trivedi, Pravin K.; Akiyama, Takamasa

A model of cocoa replanting and new planting in Bahia, Brazil, 1966-85 (English)

In 1966, 90 percent of the cocoa growing areas in Bahia, Brazil had trees more than 30 years old. By 1985 most of the area had been replanted or supplied with new trees. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS92 SEP 30, 1988

Trivedi, Pravin K.

A new global tea model : specification, estimation, and simulation (English)

The model of the world tea economy described herein has a number of general features which are shared by other econometric commodity models. The stylized version of an econometric agricultural commodity market model usually contains supply equations for the major producers, demand equations for major consumers and either inventory demand equations or price equations. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper SCP17 MAR 31, 1987

Takamasa Akiyama; Trivedi, Pravin K.

A framework for studying the supply response of perennial crops (English)

This paper develops a model of supply of perennial crops which is an alternative to the traditional Nerlovian model. It is argued that a cost-of-adjustment investment model in which capital is heterogeneous provides a suitable basis for a satisfactory approach to the analysis of supply. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper DWC8601 JAN 31, 1986

Trivedi, Pravin K Disclosed