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Breaking the barriers to higher economic growth : better governance and deeper reforms in the Middle East and North Africa (English)

Contents of the report are as follows: Long-term economic development: challenges and prospects for the Arab countries by Mustapha K. Nabli. Reform complementarities and economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa by Mustapha Kamel Nabli, and Marie-Ange Veganzones-Varoudakis. ... See More +

Publication 43969 JAN 01, 2007

Nabli, Mustapha K.; Veganzones-Varoudakis, Marie-Ange; Silva-Jauregui, Carlos; Keller, Jennifer; Nassif, Claudia; Silva-Jauregui, Carlos, Silva-Jauregui;; Agenor, Pierre-Richard; Yousef, Tarik; Tarp Jensen, Henning; Diwan, Ishac; Coulibaly, Adama; de Silva, Sara Johansson; Iqbal, Farrukh; Dasgupta, Dipak;; Pissarides, Christopher; Varoudakis, Aristomene; Aysan, Ahmet Faruk; Disclosed

Disinflation, fiscal sustainability, and labor market adjustment in Turkey (English)

This paper analyzes the effects of monetary policy and fiscal adjustment on output and unemployment in Turkey. The model on which the analysis is based accounts for rural-urban migration, a large urban informal sector, flexible exchange rates, a dollarized banking system, and interactions between default risk on government liabilities, credibility, and inflation expectations. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3804 JAN 01, 2006

Agenor, Pierre-Richard; Jensen, Henning Tarp; Verghis, Mathew; Yeldan, Erinc Disclosed

Labor market reforms, growth, and unemployment in labor-exporting countries in the Middle East and North Africa (English)

This paper studies the impact of labor market policies on growth and unemployment in labor-exporting countries in the Middle East and North Africa. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3328 JAN 01, 2004

Agenor, Pierre-Richard; Nabli, Mustapha K.; Yousef, Tarik; Jensen, Henning Tarp