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Impact of intermittent screening and treatment for malaria among school children in Kenya : a cluster randomized trial (English)

This paper investigates the effects of intermittent screening and treatment of malaria on the health and education of school children in an area of low-to-moderate malaria transmission. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6791 FEB 01, 2014

Halliday, Katherine E.; Okello, George; Turner, Elizabeth L.; Njagi, Kiambo; Mcharo, Carlos; Kengo, Juddy; Allen, Elizabeth; Dubeck, Margaret M.; Jukes, Matthew C.H.; Brooker, Simon J. Disclosed

Rethinking school feeding social safety nets, child development, and the education sector (Chinese)

This review highlights three main findings. First, school feeding programs in low-income countries exhibit large variation in cost, with concomitant opportunities for cost containment. ... See More +

Publication 48742 JAN 01, 2009

Bundy, Donald; Burbano, Carmen; Grosh, Margaret; Gelli, Aulo; Jukes, Matthew; Drake, Lesley; Disclosed

Development of assessments of reading ability and classroom behavior (English)

The World Bank seeks to develop a standardized approach to assessing educational outcomes and processes in order to generate comparable data across countries conducting impact evaluations of innovative policy and program interventions at the primary school level. ... See More +

Working Paper 54053 SEP 15, 2006

Jukes, Matthew; Vagh, Shaher Banu; Kim, Young-Suk; Disclosed

School health situation analyses (English)

The report intends to help the development of school health, and nutrition programs that are cost effective, and which respond to local needs. The first part of the report offers some guidelines on how to conduct a Situation Analysis, which should aim at showing: what are the challenges to the health, and nutrition of school children in a specific country; what is currently being done to improve the health, and nutrition of schoolchildren at the district, or national level; and, what opportunities there are for strengthening this response. ... See More +

Working Paper 24523 JUL 31, 2002

Beasley, Michael; Booker, Simon; Bender, Penelope; Bundy, Don; Prouty, Robert; Lugat, Martine; Leljestrand, Annegrete; Jukes, Matthew; Ngorosho, Damaris; Seung-hee F. Lee