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Solomon Islands - Health facilities costing study (English)

The Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) commissioned this Health Facilities Costing Study (‘the study’) to better understand how resources are used to deliver health services. ... See More +

Working Paper 101158 AUG 01, 2015

Lorgelly,Paula Kate; Gilbert, Katherine; Mortimer, Duncan; Black,Nicole; Sweeney, Rohan; Spinks, Jean; Irava, Wayne; Gillespie, Sue; Mahal,Ajay S. Disclosed

The economic burden of cancers on Indian households (English)

The authors assessed the burden of cancer on households’ out-of-pocket health spending, non-medical consumption, workforce participation, and debt and asset sales using data from a nationally representative health and morbidity survey in India for 2004 of nearly 74 thousand households. ... See More +

Journal Article 102485 AUG 12, 2013

Mahal,Ajay S.; Anup Karan; Victoria Y. Fan; Engelgau,Michael Maurice Disclosed

The economic impact on households and nations of NCDs : a review of existing evidence (English)

In developing countries, the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) disease and risk factor burdens are shifting toward the poor. Treating chronic diseases can be expensive. ... See More +

Journal Article 79436 SEP 14, 2011

Engelgau, Michael; Rosenhouse, Sandra; El-Saharty, Sameh; Mahal, Ajay Disclosed

The economic implications of non-communicable disease for India (English)

This report contributes to the literature on the economic implications of non-communicable disease (NCDs) in developing countries by focusing on the case of India. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 52913 JAN 01, 2010

Karan, Anup; Engelgau, Michael; Mahal, Ajay Disclosed

Scaling up nutrition : what will it cost? (English)

Undernutrition imposes a staggering cost worldwide, both in human and economic terms. It is responsible for the deaths of more than 3.5 million children each year (more than one-third of all deaths among children under five) and the loss of billions of dollars in forgone productivity and avoidable health care spending. ... See More +

Publication 51835 NOV 06, 2009

Horton, Susan; Shekar, Meera; McDonald, Christine; Mahal, Ajay; Krystene Brooks, Jana Disclosed

Who benefits from public health spending in India? (English)

In this report author examine the distribution of public subsidies on health across different groups, classified by socioeconomic status, in India. ... See More +

Working Paper 56371 AUG 01, 2001

Mahal, Ajay; Singh, Jarunejaya; Afridi, Farzana; Lamba, Vikram; Gumber, Anil; Selvaraju, V. Disclosed

The poor and health services use in India (English)

This paper summarizes empirical findings from recent World Bank financed analysis on the use of health services by the poor in India (Mahal et al 2000) and some additional analysis conducted with the same data. ... See More +

Working Paper 28891 AUG 01, 2001

Mahal, Ajay; Yazbeck, Abdo S.; Peters, David H.; Ramana, G.N.V.