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Impact evaluations and development : NONIE guidance on impact evaluation (English)

The Network of Networks for Impact Evaluation (NONIE) was established in 2006 to foster more and better impact evaluations by its membership, the evaluation networks of bilateral and multilateral organizations focusing on development issues, as well as networks of developing country evaluators. ... See More +

Working Paper 57490 JAN 01, 2009

Leeuw, Frans; Vaessen, Jos Disclosed

Global public policies and programs - implications for financing and evaluation (English)

These are the proceedings from a World Bank workshop on global public policies, and programs, assembled from transcripts, and accompanying papers. ... See More +

Publication 22356 JUN 30, 2001

Gerrard, Christopher D.; Ferroni, Marco; Mody, Ashoka [editors]; Picciotto, Robert; Piercy, Jan; Malik, Khalid; Cooper, Richard N.; Kaul, Inge; Kanbur, Ravi; Reinincke, Wolfgang; Serageldin, Ismail; Newcombe, Ken; Barrett, Scott; Briscoe, John; Kremer, Michael; Jamison, Dean; Reifschneider, Francisco J.B.; Watal, Jayashree; Shands, Henry; Correa, Carlos; Goldstein, Morris; Eichengreen, Barry; Fisher,Matthew; Sandler, Todd; van Kesteren, Karel; Scriven, Michael; Leeuw, Frans; Ingram, Greg

Public sector performance - the critical role of evaluation : selected proceedings from a World Bank Seminar (English)

The report presents selected papers, and transcripts of key proceedings from a World Bank Seminar on Evaluation Capacity Development, and its main focus is on national experiences in developing evaluation systems for public sector performance, arguing that the development assistance community, has turned to results-based management at the project, country, and global levels, thus solid institutional capacity in developing countries is required. ... See More +

Working Paper 20532 JAN 01, 1999

Mackay, Keith [editor]; Picciotto, Robert; Bairs, Mark; Shand, David; Divorski, Stan; Rist, Ray C.; Leeuw, Frans; Marcel, Mario; Barbarie, Alain; Brushett, Stephen; Wiesner, Eduardo; Gray, Cheryl; Britain, Gerald; McAllister, Elizabeth