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Municipal Solid Waste in Ukraine : Development Potential (English)

This paper on Municipal solid waste in Ukraine explains that beginning from the 2000s, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) have adopted a number of laws and regulations to make policy in the field of waste management system to achieve the correct two goals - to reduce the harmful environmental impacts on the environment and increase the efficiency of resource use and energy. ... See More +

Working Paper 89174 JAN 01, 2019

Turilova,Kristina; Obarcanin,Denis; Larionov,Alexander; Ryazanova,Nadezhda; Michelsen,James D.; Kryshchenko,Dmytro; Kuznetsova,Maria; Rehbock,Wolfram; Vasylyeva,Nataliya Russian Disclosed

Why use an NGO partner for your public awareness campaign instead of a PR agency? Experience of the recycling linkages program in Bosnia and Herzegovina (English)

This paper focuses on a very familiar and important aspect of many advisory services projects - 'raising awareness.' There are many reasons for undertaking this activity; some of the most common include marketing, while others may relate to educating the wider public on the availability of a new public good or service - e.g., alternative dispute resolution, household recycling, etc. ... See More +

Brief 47189 NOV 01, 2008

Obarcanin, Denis Disclosed