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The distributional impact of taxes and transfers : evidence from eight low- and middle-income countries (English)

In addition to its impact on economic growth and macroeconomic stability, fiscal policy affects the distribution of income across households and individuals through the use of taxes and expenditures. ... See More +

Publication 119229 AUG 24, 2017

Inchauste Comboni,Maria Gabriela; Lustig,Nora-451471; Younger,Stephen D.; Khachatryan,Artsvi; Hill,Ruth; Tsehaye,Eyasu; Kahsay,Tassew Woldehanna; Cancho,Cesar A.; Bondarenko,Elena; Jellema,Jon Robbert; Wai-Poi,Matthew Grant; Afkar,Rythia; Alam,Shamma Adeeb; Serajuddin,Umar; Lopez-Calva,Luis-Felipe; Matytsin,Mikhail; Popova,Daria; Maboshe,Mashekwa; Purfield,Catriona Mary; Woolard,Ingrid Denise; Arunatilake,Nisha Kanthimathie Disclosed

Robust multidimensional spatial poverty comparisons in Ghana, Madagascar, and Uganda (English)

Spatial poverty comparisons are investigated in three African countries using multidimensional indicators of well-being. The work is analogous to the univariate stochastic dominance literature in that it seeks poverty orderings that are robust to the choice of multidimensional poverty lines and indices. ... See More +

Journal Article 77512 JAN 01, 2006

Duclos, Jean-Yves; Younger, Stephen D; Sahn, David Disclosed

The World Bank economic review 20 (1) (English)

This issue includes the following: making conditional cash transfer programs more efficient: designing for maximum effect of the conditionality, by Alain de Janvry, and Elisabeth Sadoulet. ... See More +

Publication 34816 JAN 01, 2006

Janvry, Alain de; Sadoulet, Elisabeth; Gunnarsson, Victoria; Orazem, Peter F.; Sanchez, Mario A; Bell, CIive; Devarajan, Shantayanan; Gersbach, Hans; Duclos, Jean-Yves; Sahn, David; Younger, Stephen D; Cubbin, John; Stern, Jon; Kirkpatrick, Colin; Parker, David Disclosed

Benefits on the margin : observations on marginal benefit incidence (English)

Benefit incidence analysis has become a popular tool over the past decade, especially for researchers at the World Bank. Despite or perhaps because of the popularity of this method, recent research has pointed out many of its limitations. ... See More +

Journal Article 77398 JAN 01, 2003

Younger, Stephen D. Disclosed

The World Bank economic review 17 (1) (English)

Grandmothers and granddaughters : old age pension and intra-household allocation in South Africa, by Esther Duflo. Public policy and extended families : evidence from pensions in South Africa, by Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Douglas Miller. ... See More +

Publication 38873 JAN 01, 2003

Duflo, Esther; Bertrand, Marianne; Mullainathan, Sendhil; Miller, Douglas; Beck, Thorsten; Webb, Ian; Younger, Stephen D.; Haddad, Lawrence; Alderman, Harold; Appleton, Simon; Song, Lina; Yohannes, Yisehac; Wallack,Jessica; Gaviria, Alejandro; Panniza, Ugo; Stein, Ernesto Disclosed

The World Bank economic review 13 (2) (English)

Household income and child schooling in Vietnam; by Jere R. Behrman, and James C. Knowles. Benefit incidence, public spending reforms, and the timing of program capture; by Peter Lanjouw, and Martin Ravallion. ... See More +

Publication 26450 MAY 31, 1999

Syrquin, Moshe [editor]; Behrman, Jere R.; Knowles, James C.; Lanjouw, Peter; Ravallion, Martin; Maloney, William F.; Younger, Stephen D.; Sahn, David E.; Haggblade, Steven; Dorosh, Paul A.; Hamilton, Kirk; Clemens, Michael; Chisari, Omar; Estache, Antonio; Romero, Carlos; Demirguc-Kunt, Ash; Huizinga. Harry

Tax incidence in Madagascar : an analysis using household data (English)

This article discusses tax incidence in Madagascar and asks who pays the taxes that finance government spending. Its main concern is to identify the progressivity of different taxes levied in Madagascar, based on the consumption and income patterns found in the 1994 Enquete Permanente aupres des Menages, a nationally representative survey. ... See More +

Journal Article 77296 MAY 01, 1999

Younger, Stephen D.; Sahn, David E.; Haggblade, Steven; Dorosh, Paul A. Disclosed