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Pobreza, discriminacion social e identidad : El caso de la poblacion Afrodescendiente en el Peru (Spanish)

Systemic invisibility of Afro-descendants in Latin America has obstructed the building of a consensus about their definition, and about framing appropriate questions that would generate information about their conditions or the development of alternatives so that the community can actively participate in collecting official information about their own living conditions. ... See More +

Working Paper 36396 FEB 01, 2006

Benavides, Martin; Torero, Maximo; Valdivia, Nestor; Stubbs, Josefina [editor]; Reyes, Hiska N. [editor] Disclosed

Privatization in Latin America : myths and reality (English)

Privatization is under attack. Beginning in the 1980s, thousands of failing state-owned enterprises worldwide have been turned over to the private sector. ... See More +

Publication 34428 MAR 15, 2005

Chong, Alberto [editor]; Lopez de Silanes, Florencio [editor]; Anuatti-Neto, Francisco; Barossi-Filho, Milton; Capra, Katherine; Fischer, Ronald; Galiani, Sebastian; Garron, Mauricio; Gertler, Paul; Gledson de Carvalho, Antonio; Gutierrez, Rodrigo; Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio; Macedo, Robert; Machicado, Carlos; Pombo, Carlos; Ramirez, Manuel; Schargrodsky, Ernesto; Serra, Pablo; Sturzenegger, Federico; Torero, Maximo Disclosed