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The World Bank economic review 9(3) (English)

The Soviet economic decline. William Easterly and Stanley Fischer Contingent valuation and actual behavior: predicting connections to new water systems in the State of Kerala, India. ... See More +

Publication 15176 SEP 30, 1995

Easterly, William; Fischer, Stanley; Griffin, Charles C.; Briscoe, John; Singh, Bhanwar; Ramasubban, Radhika; Bhatia, Ramesh; Cukierman, Alex; Webb, Steven B.; de Melo, Martha; Ofer, Gur; Sander, Olga; Velenchik, Ann D.; Birdsall, Nancy; Ross, David; Sabot, Richard; Ranis, Gustav

Apprenticeship contracts, small enterprises, and credit markets in Ghana (English)

The economics literature includes no systematic portrait of either the prevalence and scope of apprenticeship in manufacturing or the microeconomic details of the contracts involved. ... See More +

Working Paper 15093 DEC 31, 1994

Velenchik, Ann

The World Bank research observer 7 (1) (English)

On "hunger and public action": a review article on the book by Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen. Who wins and who loses from voluntary export restraints? ... See More +

Publication 17519 JAN 31, 1992

Ravallion, Martin; Hamilton, Carl B.; de Melo, Jaime; Winters, L. Alan; Kiguel, Miguel A.; Liviatan, Nissan; Lindauer, David L.; Velenchik, Ann D.; Myers, Robert J.; Serven, Luis; Solimano, Andres

Government spending in developing countries : trends, causes, and consequences (English)

Throughout the twentieth century governments have been spending ever larger proportions of national income. Three issues arise in discussions about the growth of such spending as it pertains to developing countries: How does it compare with expenditure in industrial nations? ... See More +

Journal Article 77067 JAN 01, 1992

Lindauer, David L.; Velenchik, Ann D Disclosed